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There was an article posted today on WoW Insider titled "Why Unholy Death Knights Aren't Popular." A few of the commenters, and I agree with this, have suggested a total revamp of unholy, in which Unholy relies on Spell plate instead of Strength Plate, becomes the dual-wielding spec wielding two spell-power weapons, and summons skeletal minions to fight by your side, similar to a Demo Warlock's Wild Imps.

I mainly play frost and have next to no experience with unholy, so I would like to ask you unholy DK's out there, how would you feel about these changes? Would you like to be turned into a casting spec, or do you prefer unholy as is? How much, if any, of these additions could you get behind? What would you propose to change the spec and make it more fun and easier to play?

If you want to take a look at the article yourself, here's where you can find it:

Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
12/11/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Deathquoi
Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard

How so? Obviously, this can't be done in the middle of an xpac, and some kinks would need to be worked out, but why is it "possibly the dumbest thing [you've] ever heard"? Also, I notice that Frost is your primary spec. What would you do to make Unholy more popular, or what would convince you to go unholy?
All unholy needs is a damage boost. It's by far my favorite spec, and I wouldn't play anything else for PVP. A dramatic rework, especially one that sees us competing with healers for gear, is a poor idea.
I kinda like the idea of spell plate. If Bliz decided to give every class 4 specks, DK's new one should use spell plate.

Unholy doesn't need a revamp, it is a fantastic spec. Frost is the go to because its easier than unholy to learn, and for some unknown reason blizzard has decided that frost should do more damage, this has been the case for several expansions.

Unholy just needs buffs.
Every time I see spell plate idea for unholy I cringe. I would reroll ret so fast my guild would'nt have time to respond. Unholy has a cool niche as a melee dps with a pet and people want to turn it into some bad plate wearing demo warlock with zombies instead of demons.
I think this is a cool idea that i would like to see in WoW.In my opinion there should be another plate wearing caster.But i do not want it to be like destro or demonology locks too much.
12/11/2012 12:50 PMPosted by Deathquoi
Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Said it before and I'll say it again. You'd bring bring a large number of players in to Unholy AND fix some of the ramp up time and target switching problems if you give us a glyph to sac our ghoul for +shadow damage or something like that.

Adds some burst, which Unholy sorely needs, and gives people the option to play pet-less. Do that and find a way to simply up the damage of those that don't use the glyph (since UH is behind frost regardless) and the spec is golden.
I don't like this idea. The reason I play unholy and have consistently from 55-90, is because I like being a pet class and I like being a melee. I have a hunter who I also love but I also much prefer to be in melee fighting rather than back with the ranged classes. I have never and probably will never level a cloth caster/healer because it is just not my play style. And though I am good at playing frost and have for some of this expansion, it is not my spec of choice and I'm not as good with it as unholy. I know simcraft has the numbers for unholy pretty low, but that is also due to under representation of the spec, I play it in raids and do quite well compared to our other raiders, normal mode raids, better than I did as frost for most fights.

Unholy needs more burst and less ramp up and we would be golden. If they decided to go with this revamp for unholy, I would probably shelf my dk and play my hunter instead. I often off tank and can do frost but unholy is what keeps me playing my dk.
I'd like it if Unholy became a fourth spec that was reminiscent of the necromancer from Diablo 2.

Damn it. I just want Bone Wall, Bone Teeth and SKELETONS ALL OVER THE PLACE!
You know what I want as an Unholy DK?

More burst would be nice and while we're at it have my paste munching friend instantly spawn when I dismount.

As for being a warlock in plate I'm not sure that's the way to make the spec attractive.

But more pets?

Damn right I'd like that. The whole 'I gotta zombie army and you can't stop me' thing is what keeps me Unholy. I like the chaos of being surrounded by a legion of mindless killing machines directed by my every whim.
12/11/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Nethriza
and while we're at it have my paste munching friend instantly spawn when I dismount.

^ This
I been playing unholy since wrath and love it because its all about melee, disease and your pet(s). Simple (for the most part) and lots of fun to play.

I don't agree with changing this to spell plate. I do think we need a buff in damage, plus I'll admit its a bit jarring with the new MOP abilities. Maybe change some of the talents to help buff the pet for unholy, but then that would not really go with bliz new talent mantra.

While still working on gear, I do wish we could regenerate our runes a bit faster, maybe just me, but seems like its a bit slower since MOP release. (yes i know more haste would help, but even so, I still think they are a lot slower then before)

Either way I am happy with the way it is, and of course trust our blizzard overlords to handle it lol
Probably is the dumbest thing in WoW is waiting on your pet to finally get out of the ground '-.-
It'd be cool if Scourge Strike had a Malefic Grasp type mechanic added to it.

But, Unholy doesn't need a gameplay change right now.
Spell plate Unholy should be filed in the same recycling bin as Dual Wield Blood DKs.
Intellect anything but cloth is pointless as it is already.


Like, it would be the same if they gave made hit/exp = spirit and 50% of your AP = spell power. Only reason they don't is so that you can't use your melee DPS gear to heal.

So, to require two different sets of gear for different DPS specs seems stupid.
If they ever did make Unholy use spell plate, ret pally's would use it as well, still I hope they don't
Unholy pet dies way too easily. Need shorter cooldown to summon one or buffs to the survivability of the pet. Could also make it like hunter pet summoning.

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