Possible Unholy Changes?

Death Knight
I'd like to see garg cost 40 rp and have a 2min cd, would make dealing with encounters requiring burst more manageable. Apart from that the spec is great, it just needs to do more damage.PvP on the other hand is an entirely different matter........
12/11/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Fálrin
Probably is the dumbest thing in WoW is waiting on your pet to finally get out of the ground '-.-

Aw, I like that effect. It should just be instant while you're in combat.
PVE-wise I always preferred unholy, and I really like the way the spec plays. It's not perfect in the way it plays, certainly, but I like it.

The problem is that frost is not only easier to play, but more effective. PoF isn't reliant on a pet's AI and has a shorter cooldown than garg. Rather than ramp up with timmy, frost gets straight to the point with frequent, hard hitting FS crits or massive Oblit ones. Even frost's aoe is straight to the point, frontloading damage instead of dealing high consistent aoe over time with dnd and diseases.

So something has to give here. Rather than nerf frost, I'd prefer unholy just be buffed slightly so it holds a dps advantage in long, single-target situations, where frost still holds a strong advantage in aoe and is still strong at single target.
I love playing Unholy, but when it comes to numbers it is behind Frost by a huge margin. I disagree with revamping the entire playstyle of Unholy, but it could use a slight revamp to skills. The spec has always been based on sustained numbers and not high burst phases, but ramp up is slow as has been stated, along with how quickly we cap out afterwards. The rotation is actually pretty simple though.

What I would probably do to change the class would have to be:
  • Buff the disease damage slightly to up constant damage
  • Allow the shadow damage from Scourge Strike to crit again
  • Lower the cooldown on Gargoyle to increase uptime and overall damage
  • Increase the Strength given from Unholy Might
  • Increase our ghouls to supplement our spot as a melee pet class
  • If our diseases received a buff, it would be easier for us to sustain higher numbers and stick with the theme of our spec.

    The shadow damage portion of Scourge Strike was originally able to crit, and it increased our DPS by quite a bit. It would also help with our numbers, and fit within the theme of the spec.

    The cooldown for Summon Gargoyle is currently 3 minutes for a pet we can use for 30 seconds. It would make a lot of sense to lower the cooldown to 2 minutes or even 1 minute 30 seconds, to supplement us as being a melee pet class.

    Unholy Might currently increases our Strength passively by 15%, though it would be easy to increase that to 20% and possibly increase the specs ability to stay competitive against Frost.

    And I know our ghoul is supposed to get most of it's power during Dark Transformation, but it would make sense for the ghoul itself to be innately stronger seeing as we are the pet spec, and possibly move Dark Transformation into a burst cooldown, or allow it to ramp up faster. Maybe even put a long cooldown in that allows it to be popped instantly.

    Now I know these may not be all the ways to fix the problem with the spec, but they are some of the ways it could be fixed. I know Blizzard has stated not all specs and classes are created equal, but it would make sense to try and keep them on a more level playing field, where if a spec/class is pulling substantially lower numbers overall against said other spec/class, it would make sense to try and buff it in someway. I enjoy playing Unholy a lot more than I do playing Frost, but I also enjoy raiding, and Unholy isn't as viable as Frost is in PvE, and has been for the last expansion into now.
    Something I'd think would help keep our damage up some would be to allow Death Coil to refresh Dark Transformation while its active.

    Also I'd love to have the old version of corpse explosion back... you know the one that didnt require directly targeting a corpse and actually did some damage. Also allow us to pick up cadavers to place like druid shrooms, for fights that dont yet have any corpses.
    Give us some version of Grimoire of Sacrifice and I'll play Unholy 100% of the time. I hate pets.
    lol the pet is awesome bro!

    just sucks it can be killed in two globals. Not really much response to a 2 global kill on a pet. They do it twice and you are sitting 2 minutes with zero pet utility. Big chunk of burst and utility gone.

    Freakin class is balanced around a pet but it dies so easily and you have to wait a LONG time (in arena time) for a new one.

    Unholy is pretty great and has all the utility that frost lacks but is completely countered by wasting that little ghoul. Unholy does have the usual unholy burst with the pet transform and garg. It is a great class but nobody uses it because the stupid pet dies instantly killing your stun and your pet transform.

    If you are unholy it needs to be resummonable like a hunter pet if they are going to make it so weak. Yeah you can heal it fast but it really doesn't matter if it dies in two globals.
    For me, the biggest issue is that the pet dies way too easy. I've had arenas, both against me and playing against other UH DKs, where all you really have to do is target the pet and it's GG. Other than that, we just plain need to deal more damage. As it stands now, played perfectly, unholy doesn't even touch a frost in the same ilevel and gear, DW or 2H, just because of spec.

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