Leper Gnome Quintet (Brawler's Guild)

Hi all! I brawl and am VERY stuck on the Leper Gnome Quintet (Last boss of rank 5). My initial reaction was to DoT all of them, focus on one, run away/typhoon them back to let the stacking debuff fall off (4 secs), heal, rinse, repeat.

I'm a feral :)

I use Cenarion Ward, Feline Swiftness, Disorienting Roar and Typhoon to buy myself a little more time and healing.

I had food buff, mastery buff, stats, crit... Glyph of Barkskin, Glyph of Ferocious bite for extra heals...

I tried incarnation, but I could barely get the stuns off. Tab targetting sucks unless I macro or something.

Overall, I can only get maximum 2 gnomes down before I get killed by the timeout firestorm (if I don't die first). Running away to let stacks fall off just increases the chance that I make the enrage timer...

Thank you in advance for any help provided :)
This was the one of the first ones I had trouble with because I didn't notice the dot at first and thought I just needed to DPS a lot harder (the latter did turn out to be true). >.>

Anyway I personally used SoTF, Ursol's, and DoC (though I don't see NV as a problem). Doesn't Disorienting Roar break very quickly?

Anyway just keep SR up, thrash, and swipe spam is what I did. Don't bother trying to get rip or stuns on all of them -- just your primary target is fine. Berserk after you get SR + thrash up, pop barkskin, followed by survival instincts to get through initial high stacks. When Berserk ended I dropped stacks by alternating typhoon & ursol's vortex when I felt my stack was getting high.

Also remember to pot.
Thanks for the tips! I will be trying those talents out.

Also pot? lol
There is a vendor in the arena that sells agi/str/int pots (4000stat/25seconds). They also sell health pots but I prefer the DPS ones since feral has so much self-healing.

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