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This achievement requires one to be exalted with Nat Pagle. The catch rate of the daily fish required to complete this achievement may be a little harsh. I dont have a desire to make things easier but I feel the amount of time required to invest in this achievement is unrealistic.

As a player I would like the joys of experiencing all forms of content and success including pvp, pve, leveling alts and achievements. Currently as a 7 year player; Life and raid leading has severely reduced the amount of things I can accomplish in game. I highly suggest the drop rate increase to a reasonable percentage so that similar players like myself can complete this achievement.

For myself it takes a minimum of [1 hour] to fish up the 3 daily fish. This is most likely during a good day.

[168 hours] in a week
[40] working
[56] sleeping
[12] raiding
[24] school related courses / homework

This leaves 36 hours a week eating, going outside, doing dailies and having uncommitted fun in the game. Assuming I spend 1 hour a day catching these fish with the low catch rate, thats at least 7 hours a week (or 19% of free time).

4% of my week Id love to spend doing pet battles, pvp, leveling alts instead on working on this because of my need to fill in blanks on achievement tab. To conclude I implore the team to consider making this achievement take less time, I think Nat Pagle will understand since we have been working with him for 8 years =)

A long time subscriber who has never ended monthly payments
this is starting to be the worst rep grind ever made. more fish or significantly higher fishing rates would help amazingly.
Oh I hope the Best Friends means a nerf =)
Just wording change.
I second this. It is an extreme amount of fishing. I have no problem with it being lengthy or annoying. But it is a little too much of both currently.
Please listen to this fellow. I've done some rep grinds that were hell back before things got made easy on allot of the reps, but this one is not only tedious but also dependent upon the random loot table gods. Those gods nevr have liked me, and I've only been able to fish up one fish so far. One. in eight hours of fishing.
To reiterate, one cast netted a fish out of eight hours.
I've completed this rep grind and would like to say that I think the required fish are at an appropriate drop rate.

Some days are better than others, I've managed to loot the Mimic Octopus on the first cast and there were other days that I didn't see any fish after casting for hours.

Utilize as many rep bonuses as possible, I completed mine during Pilgrim's Bounty and I also made use of the new Darkmoon Faire carousel buff.

Pick spots where you can be next to something else that might spawn, such as fishing for the Flying Tiger Gourami next to the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm. I managed to loot that and at least 3 other world spawns for Is Another Man's Treasure.

And remember, it could always be the next cast. :)
I've completed this rep grind and would like to say that I think the required fish are at an appropriate drop rate.

Of course you do. ;)

Joking aside though, it should be worth a lot more than 10 points for the time investment, I can't see myself starting it anytime in the next few months.
It's surely doable but my point is I shouldn't have to go through hoops in order to complete it. There is a lot of things I'd rather do with the little time I have to play. I wouldn't mind it being Feat of Strength'd.

Content is rapidly increasing and of all the time sinks, (battlemaster,
Quintessential Quintet, Archy 20 solves) I find this to be the most disheartening.

I just cant fish for hours and hours I've done this for 8 years, I put in my time for those tedious other fishing achievements. Its becoming less an activity but more a burden in order to fill out the Profession Achievement tab. Nat Pagle has known my character for 8 years!

There has to be a reasonable way to fix this. Even the Insane was fixed.
i started to go for it..im just a few days away atm, then its off to finish the rare killing achieves for bc and wotlk, which im half done with anyway
finally done, i havent felt this free in a while
Welcome to the Monopoly of BLizzard.

The longest you sit on your chair the best for them!
If this were to be reduced by 50% by doubling the reputation then that time saved can be put elsewhere. Make me do something else instead. Id rather spend 300 hours doing 3 related achievements than 1 achievement.
I agree with OP.
I'd even take lowering the chance to drop to that of Old Crafty or something worse. Doing that 3 times then finishing.

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