Darkmist Vortex < Lei Shen's ?

Death Knight
I have Lei Shen's and Relic of Xuen and just curious if I should be interested in http://www.wowhead.com/item=86336#comments ? Normal version.
I thought Darkmist Vortex was better for frost than unholy. I rolled a loot coin on it 2 weeks back but I sharded it. It can't compare to how well my trinks line up when it comes to using my pets and diseases on main target.
I've only run sims, and never really bothered to equip my Dark Mist - but the sims I ran at the time had it behind Lei Shin's by about 300 dps. Not huge, but not better. Might resim it as my stat weights have changed a bit since then.

New sims -

Lei Shen's Final Orders 87087

Darkmist Vortex 87159

I might keep it on for a bit and see if I like it, but I fear it will just make things harder on me during blood lust, it's already hard enough to dump all my resources without capping anything during that.

Probably not worth the hassle.

Edit -

Was going to import you and sim it for you personally, and noticed that you have a mastery stam gem in your helm. Not sure if swapped that from a tanking helm to DPS or what - just thought you should know.
If you are going to DW, darkmist will be better.
in my view, if you are going 2h. Get Darkmist Vortex since it gives you strength and more haste.

If you are going DW (Due to Masterfrost). Get Lei Shen since it gives you initial haste to reforge into Mastery.
In my view, these two are silly. This trinket choice is very dependent on how much haste is equal to strength, which is a number that shifts a lot with new gear upgrades.

There's no "Oh, only use it if you're playing with a hat on and it's a full moon!" type of advice that can apply here. Simulate yourself wearing one trinket. Fix your gems / enchants / reforges accordingly to meet caps and then sim yourself wearing the other trinket.

That is the only way to get an actual answer. Now, that's a lot of work, and I won't fault anyone who doesn't care enough to do it, but if you don't you shouldn't really speak with any authority on gearing choices.

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