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Sorry I don't see the need for a raid lockout for the miniscule audience who raid MC.
12/11/2012 10:54 PMPosted by Kralc
This ladies and gentleman is what I call a judgemental !@#$. You have no idea how long/how many times I've even raided MC for. Just another useless soul chucking they're views around for the fukc of it.

you're 1961/6000 rep into Friendly with Hydraxian Waterlords, and you have 1 Rag kill.

So i'm guessing you raided it once? maybe twice?

That being said you know how many _YEARS_ it took me to get thunderfury.. do that and come back crying about things not dropping.

(btw the answer to that would be 3 years)
Go back to the lockout being based on when your group killed the first boss instead of everyone on a weekly, THAT was fun drama.
Unfortunately, MC is not a solo instance. It is a raid. These measurements were put in place to prevent gold farmers and to keep you playing. If you got everything in a week, you get bored, you come on the forums and complain there is no content.

I don't like the 1000 Valor cap each week, but we all have real life things to do. If your not a patient person in real life, i suggest changing yourself or be a boss of some company. Impatient people don't make good workers, but good leaders. Sorry to be off subject but that's the truth and reality of all things.

Raids carry 7 day lockouts for as long as i can remember. They may change it in the future who knows.

Your rant here won't get this changed. You may get one or two people to agree with you, but most don't care and are fine with 7 day lockouts.
ZG and AQ20/(now 10) had a 3 day lockout
12/11/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Kralc
P.S Big ups to you who have the will to sit around and wait for video game instances to finish resetting..

Because there's nothing else to do in game (or, you know, life) besides sitting around to wait for raid resets.

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