(A) LF tank!

<Among the Living> is looking for a full time tank to join us in raiding. We are 4/6nMSV, getting a later start due to people quitting the game. This tank position is the last piece we need for a solid group. This would be a full time position, no recruiting for the bench here.

Ideally, we are looking for a non-pally tank, as that token already has 1 priest, 1 pally, and a lock on it, but really, we are looking for the person more than the class.

We expect you to show up and give your best effort. Wipes happen, we all make mistakes, but we just expect you to learn from those mistakes, in order to correct them. Food and flasks are always provided, as well as potions for the dps people.

If you are new to raiding, new to tanking, or just new to the game, we are willing and ready to work with you to improve not only you as a player, but us as a guild as well.

We do have a requirement of no students, unless this obviously has ZERO conflict with raiding times. Speaking of which, we raid from 8-11, Monday and Wednesday night, with voluntary old raids (Firelands, etc) on Saturday nights. Prefer item level of 460 MINIMUM, but obviously higher is better. If you are lower, an effort must be shown that you are just late to the party, as opposed to not caring about improvement at all.

Any questions or inqueries plz contact myself, Drainu, or Korvel in game. Also my gamertag is SuperDan#1814.


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