How are you doing in the Brawler's Guild?

I'm currently stuck in GG engineering, I just can't seem to beat them.
Same here. I got into the guild and all the way to rank 7 on the same day. Only took about 3 hours.
Are there significant rewards for this or just bragging rights? I can't kill anyone with bragging rights.
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Are there significant rewards for this or just bragging rights? I can't kill anyone with bragging rights.

You get a cool pet at rank 4, the ability to gouge your fellow man to death at rank 7 with a tradeable invite to the brawlers guild, and access to the agility heirloom fist weapons at rank 8, I believe you also get the brawler title, that should be it.

Its hard to get into the guild, and 10 times harder to actually get to rank 8, be thankful there's nothing in there you HAVE to have, cus its a nightmare.
Rank 7 in a few hours (a bulk of the wait was waiting on cooldowns to come back up). Even with cross realm there were never more than 4-5 people to wait for in line.

Haven't attempted any of the rank 7 bosses because they actually require a strat, whereas everything prior was basically 'don't stand in this, don't get hit by that'. And I'm lazy and just don't care. There's nothing to gain by going through all of that. At least not now (random unofficial rumors state that they might be adding more...but who knows).

Not sure how it is on other servers, but the price to get into the guild has gone down drastically. It's MAYBE 3k now on Blade's Edge (a relatively low pop server), compared to the 75k people were paying on the first day.

There are no huge rewards to get excited over: new battle pet and a BoE weapon. What is it even? A fist weapon? Don't remember, to be honest.

It's honestly pretty fun and a great way to solo PVE a boss. The higher rank fights (7 and 8) are pretty darn challenging.
It's a fun diversion so far. I got my invite killing the new ally rares a few days ago so, it's something to do in-between q's and what not.
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[eerily] Obey the toaster!

MST3K wins every time.
Rank 8
I've killed Zen'shar (one of the Rank 8 rares). My guild has only downed 2 bosses this expansion lol so I don't know if I have the gear for the others yet.

If you are having trouble on a boss like Battletron or the rank 8's (As BM):

1. Summon hyena for attack speed buff before you are ported in.
2. Corehound heroism then dismiss pet and you can summon spirit beast for heals.

I've heard that you can also prepot.

For GG engineering, just hump Bo's face the whole time so bombs hit him. You can interrupt his casts with scatter shot, wyvern sting, intimidation, frost trap etc.
man i suck then lol i stuck on deeken

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