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About us:
The Huggernauts strive to enjoy WoW for what it is: a game to be enjoyed with friends, challenges to be completed through teamwork, victories to be won with hard work, and failures to be met with determination and perseverance.

Not only do we have intelligent members who have TONS of raid experience and general WoW experience, we have a diverse crew who long to experience everything that WoW has to offer. Questing, leveling, Auction house/economics, tradeskills, PvP, and of course raiding. There’s almost no stone unturned in WoW that a Huggernaut hasn’t gotten involved with somehow. We strive to enjoy the game, and not turn it into a chore or job. We are casual in the sense that we take time to smell the proverbial roses, but “hardcore” enough to want to compete with one another and succeed with WoW’s many raids and complete the tasks that the game has to offer.

We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders for our second raid team.

We need:

1 Tank (Druid/DK/Monk)
1 Ranged (Warlock/Spriest)
1 Healer (Pally/Shaman)

Our raid times: Tues-Thurs 10pm-1am Server time.

If you're interested in joining, PST Tauribad in-game, or you can visit www.thehuggernauts.net to fill out an application.

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