Your favorite League of Legends Champion!!!

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Who is your favorite? Mine is Teemo,followed closely by Veigar!
Oh god a Teemo...Oh well, I really enjoy Kennen but Tristana has been extremely fun lately.
Swain or Ahri. I quite like riven too.
Jax. Or Vi when she's out.
i would have to pick between two Master Yi, Ryze
To play? Janna, Twisted Fate, Shyvana

Character Wise? Ahri, Graves, Draven
I don't play too much but thinking of buying riot points to buy Zed. I had some decent games after I got the hang of it. like 25 - 4 - x etc etc.
I was pleased.

But apart from Zed, it's Akali. :)
Probably Xin Zhao.

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