Need a good, solid all around mouse.

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I'm going to be buying a gaming laptop soon, and since I can't stand using a touchpad, I was also going to get a new mouse too. Since I know next to nothing, I figured I'd ask before I went out and bought anything.

The mouse must be:
Have at least 2 additional side buttons (but the more the merrier!)

This mouse would be used for WoW, but also a plethora of other games of various genres, nothing super-hardcore though. Anyone know a mouse like that? - For the cheaper/more simple mouse - More hardcore same amount of buttons as the Razer Naga Epic but almost half the price
The Naga is one I have considered, but I have heard a LOT of bad things about Razer.
1. That the cord tends to fray easily
2. The "double click" issue
3. Their products are just low quality in general

If I wanted the keypad on the side, the Logitech G600 is what I would be more likely to get.
durability of the product is up to the user. Personally my razer naga has no issue "over a year old" as I am not someone who is constantly clicking, however Logitech tend to be a lot more durable, though I dislike how bulky Logitech mouse are.

Logitech are definitely a great choice especially for those with larger hands + durability is always a plus. Can't say much about steel series as I never used or have anyone that used it.

I believe my cousin owns a g400 and he loves it, has adjustable weights to make the mouse super light or slightly heavier.
I like logitech, I use the g700... It is wireless BUT I've never had ANY issues with it. That's really all I can recommendbecause logitech is all I use
I'm using a razer death adder, I like it.
I totally read that thread title as "need a good, solid all around moose". I think I might be sleepy.

That said, I am happy with my Logitech Performance MX, both for WOW and for general use.
When I was in the market for a decent wired mouse, the SteelSeries WoW mouse was on sale at half-price so I went for it. It's BIG but if you can deal with a big mouse, AND you can get it on sale (it's overpriced at MSRP) then it's a good buy.
I picked up a Logitech G500 this summer. Very happy with it. Nice size and hand-feel. Scroll wheel can go from "clicky" style to freewheel spin. Side buttons are easy to hit with the thumb. Left/Right clicks feel solid. Fabric-wrapped cord.

And my favorite -- weights that can be added or removed. I like a heavy mouse, so I use most of the weights. Want a lighter mouse? Remove some or all the weights.

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