Prot Paladin LF raiding guild

iLvl 483 and counting Paladin Tank looking for a raiding slot.

My experience stems on multiple toons.

Vanilla-Warlock for AQ20/40, ZG/ZA, MC

BC-Warlock Kara-Arena/BG-I deployed in the middle so I missed a lot.

Wraith-DK Tank-Naxx
Disc Priest-Ulduar, 2k+ two's in arena
Enh Shaman-ICC 10/12 Heroic 10man, 2k+ Two's and three's arena

Holy Paladin-DS 8/8 1 Heroic. 1900+ Arena holy
Frost Mage-1900+ Arena 2's/3's
Afflic Lock-2k+ Arena 2's
Panda-Prot Paladin 4/6 MSV, 1 HoF, Ret Arena(no good teams yet)

Looking for a secure slot for raiding as tank. Revered+ on all VP rep except Landfall.
Pvp weapon in hand upgraded twice.

I am over 18 and do not want to be in a guild with a lot of dumb drama. I am currently serving in the military(so i can listen, do what i'm told, and i'm always early).

All nights are available with the earliest start time being 7 Server time.

I am willing to go alliance or/and to another server.

If you want to hit me up, Rizik#1226
You should check out EZ Style on Horde. Props to Trance and the others for their achievements on our faction. Whatever you do, don't transfer off the server or to the Alliance.

Hi, I saw you were asking questions about our Tues/Weds raid @9:45 server time. Raids normally last until 1am server time. We would definently be interested in having you in our 10m guild raid group as a permanent tank. You clearly have the ilvl we require. If you have any questions you can get to me at Eilyselene#1173.

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