Realm Domination: Moon Guard

Emerald Dream
Hello, Emerald Dreamers!

A new guild is being formed, right now, with the intention of making Roleplay in Moon Guard more interesting. We are seeking those who are willing to "get their hands dirty" in the name of the domination of Stormwind.

This effort is similar to what could be found in a Crime RP guild, yet not based around money, or secrecy.

We seek those who would be committed to causing a ripple in the RP world; therefore, those who are intelligent, ruthless, and remorseless (All in the name of interesting RP, all in compliance with the "World of Warcraft Terms of Use", of course).

Respond to me for more details, or send me a letter in-game (preferable) by simply rolling a temporary and/or new account on Moon Guard.

Thank you!

If I join will you guys ''get your hands dirty'' and dominate me in Goldshire?
You know we will, babe.
Go away.
Well, that's mean!
Why would you recruit off-server for Moonguard RP? Temporary accounts that don't have any commitment to the Moonguard community?

This seems pretty sketchy to me.
Keep your server diseases to yourself Moon-guard person.

No thank you. We on Emerald Dream prefer to use things like our guild banners to place on people, not in them.

I'm sure Moon guard is great. But all I really see in it right now is it's awesome value as WoW's #1 sideshow attraction. Best part about it, is there is no price of admission!
12/13/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Araane
WoW's #1 sideshow attraction

The Darkmoonguard Faire? An 18 and over exhibition of freakish delights?

I'd so log in for that.
Thank you!


I'm offended you call yourself Luna.


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