Quick MW question

Hey just picked up MW for an OS since I had a bit of extra raid gear and honor to burn. I'm wondering why during PvP or PvE (so its not just it getting dispelled) why my stacks of EM just vanish. Not spread, not refreshing the target its on, just the two stacks after tossing it on a fresh target will simply disappear.

I've noticed it will bounce between two targets at times refreshing the first, but other times I'll throw it on one and that's it, gone.
Looks to be a range issue. You only have 20 yards on your RM (not EM). The stacks will disappear if there is no one in range to spread to. Glyph would bring it up to 40 yards, but also how it behaves.
Alright yeah, typo on the ability there thank you. Hmmm seems like that could be it. Thank you again.

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