Issue with Dead space 2.

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I have posted this on EA forums and steam forums as thats what I have dead space 2 on.

I finally got around to beating dead space 1 on pc and was hoping to play dead space 2. When I tried to boot it up a registration window popped up and I went through all the steps and it said that the registration was successful. So I try to open up the game again and it just goes into the same process.

Saw a few posts about setting video settings to highest and that solved the problem for most but nothing changed when I tried this.

I had some problems with dead space and my gpu before. Most people said that to fix the issue you just had to turn on v-sync which I already had turned on. So the issue was based around the fps the game ran at and you needed to have a lower fps.

Based on the fact that the only solution I have found so far is about increasing the graphics settings, I kind of think it may be the same deal.

If anyone knows anything about getting around this issue or anything please let me know.
I'm a bit confused as to what it is you're having problems with. You can't load the game up because it repeats the registration process yet somehow it's linked to your GPU?

Sorry if this is just passing me by but what exactly is the problem?
I included the part about the gpu because other players are having the same issues and it was resolved for them by turning up there settings. Thus the issue may be because the game isn't booting up.

The issue is that the game is not starting up.

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