Importance of meeting mistweaver haste cap?

I'm seeing conflicting reports on the haste cap at the moment, and I wanted to get more input from the monk community.

On WoL, I'm seeing post-hotfix/5.1 monks nowhere near the haste cap, and shining using high mastery/crit values. Specifically, 10M normal.


Edit: I'm asking because I've been struggling a lot since I reforged for the cap, and I'm wondering if I'm going about it incorrectly.
Throughput-wise as long as the ratio of healing done by ReM+haste-scaling spells (auto-attack+TS, soothing, SCK) to the healing done by non-haste-scaling spells (T30 talents, Jab/TP/BoK, Uplift, surging) is at least ~1:1 it's always a gain to go for the next ReM BP if you can. Regen-wise it's a slight loss, though, since you're still dropping crit for it and thus losing MT stacks.

If they're just at the 10N level it's also possible that they don't have a spell haste buff, which raises your ReM BPs by ~1500.

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