Bug with Angelic Bulwark

Bug Report
Boss: Ambershaper Un'sok
Ability: Angelic Bulwark
So the log (ingame meters as well as these logs posted below) show that Angelic Bulwark absorbed 5.1 million dmg in a 7.20 encounter. The only way this is possible is because during the MC (Reshape life) he went below 30%, and the 5mil dmg was then absorbed because Angelic Bulwark had procced during this time..

I believe the reshape life (in 25m Heroic) has 25mil hp.. 20% of that is 5mil.. so if my math is correct... bug..

This is a similar bug that was found on beta with the Monk tanks stagger.


Edit: would be nice to know if this can be acknowledged or if it was a one-time occurrence of a bug.
any response?

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