<Phantasmagoria> 10/13H LF DPS

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Currently looking for a tank and dps of the following classes:

We raid three nights a week at the following times:
Thursday: 8 – 12 Server Time
Sunday: 8 – 12 Server Time
Monday: 8 – 12 Server Time
Good attendance from all raiders is a must.

Our Progression this Expansion (when current):
Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 (6/6HM)
Heart of Fear
6/6 (4/6HM)
Terrace of Endless Spring
4/4 (1/4HM)
Throne of Thunder
12/12 (10/13)

If you are interested please fill out an application form on our website at http://phantasbarth.shivtr.com/ and feel free to chat with Venetia (AlexandraMew#1156) or Jakenova (jakenova#1304) ingame.
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Bump for a new dps! This old ones crap
if i bump threads do i get xp?
Bump for a great group of people.
Bump for the mages
how did box get here oh god i am not good with /code
up we go
bump in the night.
all of the heals
bumps thread, suddenly server gets ddos'd, thread is now on page 3

bumps thread again
up we go!
I'd only bump Calli, 'cause he's ultra cute.
01/09/2013 03:59 AMPosted by Soulyouth
would bump everyone in Phantasmagoria, wait not Tharna

01/09/2013 06:20 AMPosted by Catastrophe
I'd only bump Calli, 'cause he's ultra cute.

Thanks babes <3
Damn dat some ugly Xmog;


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