Is arrowflight upgradable?

I am trying to determine if I want to buy arrowflight over bottle or not and need to know if arrowflight is upgradable? I saw on femaledwarf that arrowflight is roughly 300dps higher than a fully upgraded bottle but there is no upgrade option for arrowflight on femaledwarf.
Has anyone purchased this and tried or does anyone know how to tell? It says 0/2 when I hover it at the vendor.
Forgot you can sell stuff back to vendor, so I bought it and can confirm you can upgrade the item.
I have yet to see anything above item level 450 that is not upgradeable, Im not sure there are exceptions right now. You get one 8 level 1500 Jp upgrade for 458-463, and two 4 level 750 valor ones for everything beyond that, period.

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