Soloing Stuff Question?

Death Knight
Ima try and start soloing stuff as soon i get better gear and was wanting to know a few things first. 1. Ive always been Frost spec so should i stay in Frost Spec or would Blood spec be better for soloing stuff like raids and cata dungeons? and 2. is there any "good" guides out there for DK soloing raids?
I'm going to assume something: You're going to get to 90 before you start soloing.

If you are - Frost will work just fine for dungeons, but blood for raids. Despite being tuned for 85s, they still hit HARD!

If you're not going to level - Blood. Period. You won't have the DPS to "cheese" dungeon boss' abilities as frost, and you'll need the extra armor and healing.

As for guides there are a few on these forums, but just about any guide for soloing a boss will work. You just have to know how DK's abilities will play with the boss' abilities.
the gear set up i have lets me solo all of vanilla,bc,wrath and some cata trash in raids.i can also solo all heroics up to panda temple of jade serpent.just takes skill blood presence and knowing how to use defensive cds
Check out this thread. It will basically answer all your questions.
Thanks everyone!

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