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OK. my fellow mistweavers, I read all over the place that 10k spirit is a decent place to be.
Healing 10 mans, is that 10k spirit WITH or WITHOUT trinkets. >.< I have the DMC trinket and the trash drop one from MV, both flat int with spirit proc/on use. So I'm trying to figure out if I should be going for 10k spirit not including those, or with those spirit value's averaged out.

In addition, at 10k spirit, should I be looking to use int flask/food? Or is 10k spirit the point where I should still be looking to use spirit flask/food.

Sorry for the confusion, finally downed Garalon tonight (24th attempt. @_@) in 10man normal with my guild and like a lot of you, I'm just desperately trying to inch out the best performance I can for my raid.
This is where the phrase "spirit to comfort" comes into play, I raid/pug 10 man normals and the occasional heroic, and I find that a lower level of spirit does not really affect me that much, but some people swear by stacking spirit to the point of ignoring socket bonuses. The beauty of healing is that both approaches work, depending on personal preference.

In 10 man raiding, I personally feel that the 3148 haste cap should be reached, as RM coverage is higher percentage wise, and the occasional Enveloping chi dump would benefit from that as well. I still say in 10 mans that healing spheres are invaluable, with them topping my healing done on my lei shi kill in a pug (sigh lol).

A few comments on HoF progression, I find that a general lower level of spirit is fine because the damage tends to be relatively evenly distributed on all the fights, with spikes being caused by player error. (blade lord seems to be the exception, korkorn strikes in wind lord aren't really scary because there isnt any real raid dmg coming after the strike) Assuming that the raid group is competent enough I find that 5.9k spirit is enough to cover for those mistakes using spheres. However, if your group is more prone to taking random avoidable damage, more spirit would be advisable to give a comfortable buffer to spot healing.
Short answer: No magic number

Longer answer:
I had something typed but it went away so.

I run 8200 spirit. (Normally between 7500-8000).
10s/25s may be different, but there is no magic number, and it definitely isn't 10k.
Chi Torpedo is your friend, use it.
I tried using Chi Torpedo, absolutely loved the feel of it. Only problem was that outside of specific mechanics my raid's always all over the place which ultimately made it so that Xuen was better healing on... everything.

That being said, when you guys are running like 7-8k spirit, are you using int flask/food or spirit?
Chi Torpedo with Celerity is definitely nice.

The CRIT changes to mana tea brewing changed the SPIRIT game slightly, but if you were generating 2 charges per 10s before the buff, it's not really any different for you (assuming mana tea glyph being used).

Two other factors adjusted my thoughts on Spirit.

I race changed from pandaren to gnome for the extra mana pool...this makes Mana Tea stronger.
I speced into Ascendence for the extra mana pool...this also makes Mana Tea stronger.

I believe I have around 10k spirit, but I'm thinking about reducing it for more crit...and i'm considering de-glyphing Mana Tea...I'm finding there are lots of lulls in boss fights that lend themselves to pausing and drinking.
I use int flasks and food, no big mana issues assuming I plan my TFT usage correctly. Having high crit really helps out a lot with mana regeneration, I sit at around 22.5% crit chance raidbuffed, which causes my mana tea to double proc quite often.

As for chi torpedo being "hard to use"

Assuming that the fight does not favor eminence healing, you actually only have to hit 2 other targets (chi torpedo always heals yourself) with a chi torpedo 12 times over 3 minutes for it to beat out xuen in raw heals. I personally think that you are exaggerating a slight bit about having a raid spread out for every fight (melee clumps, ranged ideally standing close enough to the serpent statue), but even so, just torpedoing through the melee pile and back should hit the tanks and the melee, guaranteeing at least 2 or more targets. The way I use chi torpedo is to either use it on CD for constant damage phases, or use it to supplement TFT/uplift/chi burst during short, heavy AOE phases. Chi torpedo is also nice in that it is off the gcd, so you can cast an instant cast such as RM or uplift and torpedo at the same time, saving you a gcd. For me, chi torpedo is usually 2nd or 3rd healing done behind RM and uplift. This is written from a 10m perspective.
I like Xuen for the damage boost as well as the healing.

1.8 million damage for 3 times summoned. I also don't like the idea of using my mobility and throwing myself out of position accidentally. I don't trust myself to be good enough with it.
The better geared your raid is, the less damage they will take, the faster each fight will end, and the less spirit you will need.

At the beginning of the raid tier, you will want as much as you can get, but as your raid improves and gets geared you won't need as much.

And 10k flat is what I aim for (without procs). Once we're downing content and I'm not sucking fumes at the end of the fight I'll consider backing it down.

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