[Bug] Brawler's Guild 2 battles at once

Bug Report
Yesterday night, I got pulled into the arena while a fight was already taking place, resulting in two battles at once. The other fighter already there aggroed and tag my own boss encounter. Said fighter died. Both encounters disappeared and I got warped out of the ring, winning my encounter and having a reward bag in inventory.
Im having same problem today... 8 different matches which one gets 2-3 more fights added on
I saw 3 battles in the same time 2 days ago as well. Seems to be recurrent as people around the arena weren't that surprised.
Multiple Brawl battles can sometimes occur simultaneously, porting more than one player in to the Arena at a time.
Known issues list
Said list has been updated the same day I did this post. Maybe they added it in response to my post...

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