Fists of Fury, a Worthless Ability WindWalker

FoF is horrible, just my opinion but Im gonna say it all the same, cuz it really needs to be said at this point. FoF is an attack granted by windwalker specialization the ONLY extra ability you get from that specialization DPS monks rely on spamming their abilities and auto attacks, so actually using FoF reduces the effectiveness of monks in pve as channeling FoF will cause a severe dps reduction (don't believe me check it out for yourself I'll get some math to back my claim up here later) when compared to a normal rotation (i.e. on without FoF) not to mention while channeling it mastery becomes worthless for windwalker monks as you cannot proc windwalker mastery without auto attacks. In PvP.....well good luck hitting someone with it (unless they are nice and stand still for you) and good luck keeping it going if you do. The glyph talk about laughable 100% parry while channeling? honestly a melee dps class that Channels....who the hell thought that one up?!?!? Seriously Blizzard first aliens(draenai), then the atrocity you turned a great game like Diablo into (see diablo 3 for details on the suckfest) then panda's and monk class (kung fu panda rip off) and then to top it all off you turned what could have been a really cool class kit into the most counter-intuitive, fluff filled, PoS class kit that you've ever made. i mean what kind of game developers do you have working for you?!?!? sigh why am I even wasting my time sorry guys i'm gonna post it but really there's no point in trying to tell blizzard anything, you just can't fix stupid.
12/12/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Imavina
FoF is an attack granted by windwalker specialization the ONLY extra ability you get from that specialization

just lol.

I also like how you're peeved that draenei (what you refer to aliens) are ingame. Yet you make no mention of Orcs. Which are just as much aliens to Azeroth as Draenei are.

Then again I guess what I just said was for nothing since y'know

12/12/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Imavina
you just can't fix stupid.
Gotta be a troll.
im not really that peeved about draenai but they are just filler content to make sales with the BC expansion (Like a filler arc) and a load of completely made up lore. but that's beside the point, point is profits > quality is a crappy way to run a business. these are my opinions im not trolling you don't like it don't read my posts. panda's.....really blizzard wth *^*&%&*^$ pandas!?!?!? but oh well i can get over the pandas lame race so i won't play them fine, but the monk was the last straw, it could have been so good but instead....well you already know what i think of them. I'm just sick of great games being made into garbage, diablo series (from awesome to lame) rushed just to make up sales from....yeah you guessed it Starcraft 2 (rehashed gameplay aspects given a new face) bunk and everyone knows it. and now even their main cash cow is even showing the signs of being butchered, seriously nobody else gets the feeling that they just don't give a crap anymore? I'm about done with blizzard products, a washed up company is what it is...ONLY OPINIONS NOT TROLLING.
i agree you can hit with that combo but a 45 sec cd + 8 sec cd just to get off a 25 sec cd FoF, when you could have done all that and done more damage with the other monk attacks. not to mention its not like a smart opponent wouldnt know the right time to trinket. yeah any skill can be countered with an appropriately timed trinket/ability but other skills don't need to be set up the way this one does, a little lag and you're screwed. in an arena or other pvp environment your teammate will just end the monks channel, at least a good teammate would. and then where are you stuck with 3 cds down and nothing to show for it because you invested to many global's and hard cd's. well perhaps not to many but one silence and you're at a severe disadvantage. and my point on mastery still stands not that windwalker monk mastery is all that good but it's absolutely worthless while you're channeling. and its the only ability they give you extra for going windwalker......wth...just wth
Blizz is a company like any other. They gained more customer and its harder to to make all of them happy at the same time.

However I do disagree some times I'd much prefer old wow over new. They still have the best games out currently.

Also... before you go all out with bashing ideas, make sure you understand them

12/12/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Imavina
while channeling it mastery becomes worthless for windwalker monks as you cannot proc windwalker mastery without auto attacks

WW mastery procs from our Jabs not auto-attacks.

FoF is usually one of my top dps abilities at the end of a fight. If it's not, it's usually the fault of a bad tank that can't keep still. This is more of a problem with bad players not class mechanics.

Also, monks using swords and axe's.. Blizzard must give out free CRAZY PILLS!
your FoF what like 90k crits? 4x 90k/s or 360k total if all crit......not good by any means. my bad on the mastery i misspoke and said auto attacks but my point stands you cant jab to gain the proc or consume it with BoK or TP while channeling so it making use of your mastery is still impossible while maintaining the channel of FoF. it's not that they have a hard time pleasing everyone, i can understand that, but when they rush these game products (escpecially their legacy products) they only make themselves look bad, and make their fans less eager to play current or soon to be released games. simple business logic there your business is known for something? well crap maybe you should do it well then. Blizzard is gonna go the way of Konami just watch.....oh and im gonna laaaaauuuuugh.
I see why you don't like FoF. You're a priest, duh! Post on monk or it didn't happen.
so much time into shuch a worthless post. i feel sorry for you sir... mam...? i guess i'll just stick with kid. a good topic on FoF but you turned it into a joke if not a troll. i suggest you back up your claims before you continue any further. outside of that at least make a better attempt to act like you know what you type.

This thread is hilarious, so many inaccuracies this is just too much!
12/12/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Imavina
you just can't fix stupid.

Nice statement about yourself, OP.
12/12/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Imavina
you just can't fix stupid.
a load of completely made up lore

As opposed to what? You think there really is an Azeroth?
FoF is awesome, just like it is.
Um... Spinning Fire Blossoms is WW only too.
1.) do ya'll even have a life? i mean i post my opinions let me say again OPINIONS and here you guys are in your seemingly endless ignorance trying to tell me my OPINIONS are you even see how that is a losing argument? I am allowed to feel however i want about things and i can speak my mind if i want. as i said earlier IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY POST DON'T READ IT!!!
seriously dude? who the hell in their right mind would believe there is an azeroth?? i assume you're speaking of my draenai comment, let me reitterate again....repeat myself 2 over for you....ridiculous. Draenai were filler content meaning THE STORY WAS MADE UP ON THE FLY FOR SALES, not taken from original lore, fake, like a side arc from an anime it had nothing to do with the real story other than the bits and peices of story elements take from already standing lore but AGAIN only bits and pieces weaved into a load of BS. last time im saying it read AND understand before you post dumb questions like do I beleive there's an Azeroth.....ridiculous.
How does anyone know if they like it or not, if they don't read it first?

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