BE Mistweaver Monks Racial

Correct me if I am wrong here.

Concerning Racials and Mana Regen

Panda Food Buff racial gives a max of 300 Spirit - Which translates roughly to .95% Total mana regen per minute (based on 300k mana pool)

BE Racial - 1 Chi every 2 minutes (taking 8 minutes to produce 4 Chi), 4 Chi = 4% mana - .5% Total mana per minute

Maybe the BE racial should be changed for monks in Mistweaver spec to work the same way it does for other classes and their primary resource pool (since Chi is not the primary resource pool for Mistweavers).

BE Racial changed to 2% mana every 2 minutes seems like it would put them in line with other racials for Mistweavers
panda racial is better cause it's 300 int (600 spirit).
Purely from a mana regen standpoint it is better, and yes it is better than any other racial atm for other primary stats as well...but I don't wanna have to be a panda :(
Racials are racials. You still play what you enjoy most. I know people who like undead and their racials. It really isnt game breaking to be panda. If it would be then blizzard would nerf it. Be racial is fine to be honest its not balanced around specs but classes.

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