Shieldwall dailies?

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Is there a minimum gear score recommended for these dailies? 'Cause I'm gettin' my fuzzy little rumpus kicked something awful.
Skill >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gear
You need new weapons bro. Your life would be a lot easier.
Wait for a paladin using battle healer to come along and fight next to him. You'll get healed even if you're not in a group.
Wow, yeah. This. I didn't even look at your weapons. Go buy some crafted ones if anything.
Also go subtlety or assassination. Combat, to my knowledge, is still terrible with daggers (Exception being the legendary daggers).
Well, your hit is on the low side. I tried Combat Readiness and went with Nerve Strike instead.

this is my combat rogue:

As you can see she's not that great either but she does survive the farm mobs.
Cool, thanks for the advice. I'm still learning rogues, my main is a shammy.
Different spec(Any of the others) And new weapons and you should be good.
Better gear will help, but as others have said skill trumps gear.

I've not tried it, but I imagine going on a toon with gear lower than can get into heroics may be squishy and/or make it take so long to kill the mobs that the time would be better spent elsewhere (my time, not yours - that's entirely up to you).
Same as with Firelands back in Cata, or Argent Crusade in Wrath: Can be done at any time for max levels, but it's reccomended that you have H Dungeon gear first.

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