I just had, by far, the most fun ever in WoW.

I'm and advent PvPer, and have been playing since Vanilla. My Hunter even has the rank 'Knight'. Not very high, granted, but I was young when the game was first released.

More to the point, I just had some crazy fun... I'm hyped up from my last WSG, but unfortunately the queues are [understandably] ridiculously longer.

I had 273,302 healing done, as level 37 in a WSG. Two people died one time each the entire game on our team, while their total deaths were ranging from 13-17 deaths a piece. They had two healers, healing 144k and 78k a piece [for those that stayed through the duration.] And then I had a little help from a disc priest on our team that took fourth place with a 73k. Everyone has about 2.5-3.5k hp in this bracket, so you can see that 273k is monstrous, even 144k is quite substantial. We camped their GY, and literally nonstop damage and healing was going out.. Our warrior with the -10 debuff didn't die until the last two minutes, which was pretty sad.. Those where were our only two deaths came from.

In all my years of playing I have never had a class click so well with me. Monk is so much fun, I dig it. No real point to this post other than boredom of my 17 minute WSG queue with the average wait time of 3 minutes. o/

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