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What have you played before?
Hunter, DK, Mage

How far did you level it?
90, 90, 87

Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed!
Hunter - liked kiting. Hated lack of survivability/kiting due to !@#$load of mobility added in mop. DK - crazy damage. Liked the utility in RBGs. Didn't like how squishy I was. Mage - liked burst. I didn't really like the playstyle of waiting for CDs, bursting, waiting for CDs, bursting, and doing nothing in between.

With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling?

Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons?
RAF dungeons

Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)?

Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character?
Multibox leveling, single 80-90.

Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!).
Doesn't matter.

Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged?
hybrid of dps/heals. I don't care about melee or ranged. but if it is a ranged class - i need a lot of mobility and self heals.

Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc)
mobility and self heals.

Hybrid or pure? Does it matter?

Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter?
Temporary pet at most. Otherwise no pet.

Throw in any extra details here:
Need a class with good mobility, self heals, and viability in RBGs in some way.
Shaman or druid?
Go elemental shaman. Really fun DPS class that can heal (although quite inefficiently). I think Shaman is a great class because it forces you to really utilize all of your skills not only effectively, but appropriately.

Also, shamans may be going crazy on the forum right now about survivability in PVP and the healing nerf but if you play tactically (i.e. stay in groups, flank enemies, fight from a good distance) you can crank out some solid DPS.

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