Druid or priest?

I have a priest and druid at 85 and I want to level one to be my main. I've had druid for my main for years, but priest also seems pretty fun. I have never healed much on my priest, just holy in ICC way back when and I wanted to heal at 90 as well as dps. My priest would probably be shadow/holy. And my druid feral/resto. I do 95% pvp...with 3's, 2's, and rated/random bg's. I need to be able to survive well or at least have some defense cd's. I want some mobility and actually be wanted in groups. I am VERY competitive, so I want to be able to top pvp healing/dpsing on charts and push a high rating with my team. Finally, I want this class to be my one main and the only class I play. So between these 2, what does this sound like?
1; Play what you enjoy the most. Try both, pick which is most fun for you.
2; *If you have equal fun with both and you mostly pvp, go RDruid.
3; *If you have equal fun with both and you mostly pve, go priest.

*For min/max'ing.
I pvp :)

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