Bust Out the Champagne

Death Knight
Necrotic Strike was buffed this hotfix.

*sprays booze at the forums*
15% healing nerf will mean that it takes more casts to burn through my necrotics. It's an indirect buff, but it's a nice gesture towards NStrike all the same because it's not a very popular ability right now.
It's a sad day when we have to consider other class nerfs as buffs for DKs.
Dude, we're honorless, ex-Scourge bastards. I'm not above celebrating some other sap's downfall.
As of 5.1 the healing Debuff of necro's has been buffed, wether its a bug or not noone's sure but it's not in any patch notes. It now ignores targets resil and is multiplied by Power and of course there is an extra 15% less healing. It's gonna take a lot more than this to make DK's good, but I'm not complaining about these changes either.
They steal heal through it with one spell... I just a had a monk in !@#$ing PvE gear who could just insta cast himself back to full health. Yes not over powered at all.
I do not believe the hotfix has been implemented yet.

Edit: Actually, there's a lot of Frost Bomb problems going around, so it probably has been. I'm not perturbed that one heal trumps one Necrotic, though. It's when I stacked six or seven and they blasted clear that I was irked.

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