Good start but mages need to be nerfed more.

I clap for you blizzard, finally a start to heading in right direction almost.

They still have the best of everything still in the arena, they only fail at melee damage and healing.

Every class has a weakness and advantages but pretty well balance almost. Mages still havent come down closely remote with other classes even with the recent nerf.
^obvious troll or complete idiot
An idiot either way, obv.

But mage does too much damage...

actually letting a hunter get off a powershot is pretty funny too

But mage does too much damage...

it's a 1 min cd, 3 second cast. it should do alot of damage. but half the time it does no damage at all. and when it does do damage, most of the time, it doesn't crit and does closer to 60k which is very mediocre.

frost bomb was a 9 second cd and had guarenteed crits, 110k frostBomb, 40k, FreBlast, and gave a free frozen frostfire bolt proc afterwards that crit for 70k.... all guarenteed crits...

it was ubsurd.
mad mages
its a step in the right direction. time will tell if it was too little, to much, or just right.

just give it a week or two.

i think we need to just be appreciative of the fact that blizzard seems to be stepping it up and finally getting around to changing things for pvp.

But mage does too much damage...

wow, Congratulation i believe you're the first person ever to have complained(or got hit) by / about powershot

Here's a pixel -> .

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