World of... wait... nvm. I got ganked again.

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Is ganking a fad like 20k dps was?
I can understand it could be frustrating to level when being ganked by a super high lvl enemy faction player/s especially in a CRZ zone but as many have pointed out, levelling on a PvP server has always been and will be like a warzone - u never know which bullet has your name on it (which actually sounds more optimistic).
If blizzard wanted to smoothen this out, then they could possibly make the lower level (more than 5 levels below the enemy player) players unhittable/invisible for enemy faction players from cross-realms only. Not sure if this is possible and may have its own permutations and combinations if implemented but just a suggestion.
Besides, CRZ was supposed to increase world PvP but not world ganking.
Personally, I never started a low lvl alt on a PvP server. Always transferred after level capping into a PvP server. Thats just me avoiding ganking altogether but it costs $$$.
yeah well I don't have a problem with level 90s endlessly killing lowbies. But when I get ganked twice in a row, while trying to enter a random instance and then get the half hour deserter debuff because of said gankings...I have to say wtf.
If you play on a PvP server, you should be prepared to have your !@# handed to you quite often. That's the point of a PvP server. If you don't like it, change realms or get better at PvP so you don't get ganked as much. Either way, stop clogging the forums with this crybaby "It's not fair, mommy stop them" crap.
Ganking and camping are the worst parts to being on a pvp realm, yes expected to happen but now it's happening more. Why is that? It's because imho of crz, just like raid finder encourages people to be jerks and trolls at times, so does lfd, so does crz. People can now grief, camp and gank with little to no repercussions. So they have been and will keep doing so. Also it creates problems in the fact low population servers have less of a ability to fight back and it also creates time zone issues. If one server is more busy at a certain time then a different one, it maybe very hard to get any help at that time.

A person who enjoyed ganking and camping had a rep and was treated a certain way. That's now all gone with crz.
Ive leveled toons on PvP servers before CRZ and after it. Ive been on toons that are dominant at there level and toons that arent. It takes an entirely extra set of skills to level on a PvP server and that skill is the ability to keep your eyes open. Make no assumptions about how safe you are ever and be ready to fight a stealthed rogue at any time.

Incidentally Dark Portal is a war zone because its sort of become known as a PvP hub and thats kind of awesome. If I werent busy I would probably entertain myself there more often.
Reroll PvE.



You rolled on a PvP server? The only reason to do so is to gank. There may be isolated pockets of REAL PvP, but the rest are just idiots deriving enjoyment from ruining the gameplay of others or screaming meaningless memes like "world of WARcraft".

*shrug* CRZ made ganking easier. So far as I can tell, that's the only meaningful change that CRZ has brought, so I can only assume that it was Blizzard's intent.
12/12/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Rosenivy
PvP happened on a PvP server
12/12/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Rosenivy
PvP happened on a PvP server
12/12/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Pahnts
A lvl 30 being killed repeatedly by a lvl 90 isn't PvP.

Yes it is. PvP = player versus player. What did you think it stood for?

Blizzard has made PvE servers for people who don't enjoy the constant action of PvP servers, it sounds like you'd be much happier transferring to one.
12/12/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Izalia
PvP happened on a PvP server

You say this a lot in several of your post.

The problem is this didn't happen before CRZ were initiated. It is very annoying to get ganked every 5 minutes while questing. Yes it does happen. No we aren't going to just xfer off the server.

Yes ganking happened before CRZ but CERTAINLY not at the level it does now.

We were on pvp server before CRZ was implemented.

^This. And, agreed.
CRZ needs to somehow prevent higher level toons from ganking in certain zones. I understand its a pvp server but its like promoting *!!%@@*% right now. I stop by the gurbashi arena from time to time, if I see you killing lowbies trying to a random daily your gonna get it. Then again the gurabashi arena is probably the only place it should be OK to kill them if there trying to open the chest.

Personally I flag myself on purpose doing dailies sometimes for fun I understand the joys of world pvp. I'm on a pve server, people will attack !@#$ happens.
pvp happened, alert da presses
p.s. I leveled this character recently, so I experienced CRZ. Everytime I was ganked or camped I found a way out of it and leveled somewhere else.

you people are doing something wrong. You whiners are being bad players.

i suggest you reroll pve.
12/12/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Rosenivy
Bollocks. It happened before CRZ so you can stop trying to shoe horn in an argument about CRZ that I don't even care about.

Lol reading comprehension is your friend....J/S
I changed my mind about CRZ. It's so much fun when you're level 90. Going around the zones and seeing them somewhat full again is nice. I will gank low levels but only when i'm feeling extra spicy. I typically defend lowbies of the alliance if I can.

However on my leveling hunter i've decided to just instance level from now on. problem solved.
Getting ganked? then I say "NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A MoP ROGUE."

lvl 90 Rogues get beaten by any class we encounter in Pandaria and in a sense it's like being ganked. So now we're getting even.

You other classes jump us knowing all we can do is put up our useless little fight against a same lvl player and hopefully hit Vanish to run away but now you other players with all of your stronger abilities are learning that you're no longer safe from us.

Ha Ha Serves you right. I'm glad Blizz made this cross realm available for Gankers.
I've met more Rogues that way and we have good sized gangs now and go out purposefully to Gank any class we see that's not Rogue.

We may be the weakest class now but with 6 or 8 of us all hitting you from out of Stealth at the same time we're no longer the pathetic little thing MoP turned us into.

True we kill classes lower than us. but if you're higher lvl we'll kill you too. Every time you've killed a MoP Rogue in a lvl 90 bg it's been the same thing as killing a player 10 lvls lower than you. So now it's your turn to feel it.

It's payback time for what Blizz did to us. Vengeance needs no reason.

Right now I'm lvl 90 Horde Rogue and I advise all the Alliance Rogues to do the same with forming Rogue gangs. If we see you we will let you live because you're Rogues, but all others must die.

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