World of... wait... nvm. I got ganked again.

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Refer to this if you don't know the rules of pvp Server
I've been playing a new character for the past few days and I've come to the conclusion that questing is completely useless.Here's what questing gets you:-Sub-optimal exp gains-runs after runs after runs back to your corpse after being ganked by someone of the opposite faction-Crappy gear that 15 minutes in an instance can matter where you are, what level you are, or what zone you are in (except for friendly zones) you WILL be ganked by the enemy. Because of the new-ish cross-realm zones, there are many more players in each zone. Now this isn't so bad. Sure, there are less mobs to kill when there's alot of players, but there are also many lvl 90's who like to gank. Now I understand that I am playing on a PvP server and that's what happens, but being ganked every 2 minutes makes the game unplayable.Now I know that Blizz won't change anything about this because they don't actually care about the game experience anymore, but its just something that's been pissing on me for the past few days. I no longer do quests, instead, I just wait in Stormwind for my dungeon que to be up and do the same instances over and over.

Try playing on a more balanced server. I started a monk least week and he is now 83 never once was ganked.
This is what happens when you play on a pvp server. Once you get high enough level you can join in on it or be the better person. Instead of QQing about it roll pve.
Seems like you need to get organized.

Find friends and guildies to even the odds if you're getting camp-ganked.

Last night on Vashj, there were scores of Alli in Outland and it was fun to see that a number of volunteers from Orgrimmar took it on themselves to create an air patrol and swoop in on ganksters when they attacked. Lots of fun if you're into that type of thing. And if you're not, how about a nice PVE realm?
12/12/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Pahnts
A lvl 30 being killed repeatedly by a lvl 90 isn't PvP.

PvP = Player verse Player

Was the level 30 a player? Yes
Was the level 90 a player? Yes

This means a player killed another player, which means PvP happened. I also find it funny you're highly rated, sorry bro you can't just make up new meaning of words on the spot.
Camping lowbies and forcing them into a situation where they cannot play is not PVP, c'mon, pvp involves more than 1 person interacting.

Camping players at a lower level than you is just bullying, that behaviour wouldn't be tolerated in the school yard, workplace and nor would it be tolerated in over 80% of family homes, why does Blizzard tolerate it?
12/12/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Pahnts
A lvl 30 being killed repeatedly by a lvl 90 isn't PvP.

Yes it is.
i dont understand why people complain about this. if you're a carebear, blizz provides carebear servers. go play on them and stop complaining. /thread.

no one is interested in your personal view about why certain forms of pvp are or are not pvp. no one cares if you get camped for 2 hours. if you are on a pvp server deal with it or xfer off.
Hard life.
12/13/2012 11:37 AMPosted by Nayaga
It's much more that "You're getting the correct experience on a PvP server". Griefing and corpse camping of low level toons has greatly increased with the introduction of CRZ. Also the difference in lvl 90 to midrange toons is huge, there is no fighting back like in the old days of Vanilla, it's one shot and your dead. There are so many people complaining about this because its much more of a problem now

Then roll on a PvE server, level to 90 and transfer to a PvP server so you can relax and enjoy leveling without this issue. I wish there were some sort of system in place to help you, to make leveling on a PvP server anything but a miserable experience (yeah yeah, I know, there are a few odd birds out there who LIKE getting ganked and camped, they enjoy it). But there isn't anything, the truth is until you're as big as the bully, you are easy prey.

They are not PvP players, they're scum, bottom feeders who get a sick thrill out of making someone else miserable and trying to hide behind "PvP is player versus player, the level 10 I killed was a player, so it was PvP! Hur hur thump chest" Yeah I get it. They dont see what they're doing or defending is just plain lowlife nastiness, I can't tell you why because I cant wrap my head around how people can be like that. To normal folks, player VERSUS player means the other player can fight back and kill you if they have more skill than you do. Walking up and one shotting a weaker toon than yours is the same as kicking over a stroller, those who defend it can try to justifye it, but it's wrong, and that's the bottom line.

Roll on a PvE server to level, pettion Blizzard to allow free or discounted transfers to PvP servers at max level if say you pre-pay for the transfer when the toon you want to level for the pvp server is first rolled. I dont know, you can't make these jerks change, they dont give a damn about anyone or anything but their own "fun" so they're not worth trying to change anyway. Just find a way around them.
if u allow ur self to be camped for hours on end then u deserve it

so many ways to avoid it

if u cant learn how to do these things and ur to lazy to do these things then ur only option is to roll pve or quit wow
I am tired of hearing about PvP happens on a PvP server. I did place a post about this and why that argument really does not hold up.
can someone derail this please? the gank threads are so boring.
world pvp was fun when a 60 or 70 back in the day came to gank and a group of low lower lvl ppl could kill. him now with flying and the insanely higher stats of a lvl 30 crit for 1k and a 90 crit for 200k.

perhaps not letting ppl attack you who are 6 lvls or higher then you could keep the playing field a little more fun
12/12/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Rosenivy
PvP happened on a PvP server

12/12/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Pahnts
A lvl 30 being killed repeatedly by a lvl 90 isn't PvP.

How are these posts BOTH top rated? O_o
Contradictory hurts my brain.
12/13/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Zorken
PvP happened on a PvP server

A lvl 30 being killed repeatedly by a lvl 90 isn't PvP.

How are these posts BOTH top rated? O_o
Contradictory hurts my brain.

Pvpers upvote the first, whining carebears upvote the second.
Gankers gonna gank.


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