World of... wait... nvm. I got ganked again.

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I find this to be a very frustrating conversation for several reasons. One, the ridiculous parroting back of "go to a PvE server if you don't like it". And two, Blizzard's attitude that malicious play styles should not only be an expected reality, but are actually being championed by their employees now. After reading a recent story with anonymous comments from former Blizzard employees about the working environment there in recent years, it doesn't really surprise me though. They have drastically changed as a company in the 8 years this game has evolved, and as usual, when huge egos and massive amounts of money are involved, not for the better. My personal answer to the problem has been to deny both the cowardly camping gankers and Blizzard what they want. If I try to level and I'm getting killed, I log off or hearth back to the city and don't bother again for weeks. One less target for the children one-shotting me, one less player "in the world" that Blizzard claims to want so badly. Screw you both, I don't have to waste my time on you. It's valuable, it's limited, and you can't make me play your game.

On that note, to all the people saying "just re-roll, it's free", no, it isn't. You are assuming a zero cost based on making the character in the character selection screen. I on the other hand am including the amount of time spent on a character that is being abandoned to start at nothing. My current 10 characters have a combined total of 468 days 19 hours played. That is 11,251 hours invested in those characters. Some of it was sitting AFK, sure, but it's still a massive chunk of time. Even calculating it by monthly subscription fee, playing 24/7, that's $226 in subscription fees. I've been playing for 8 years, obviously it's a lot more. What's more frightening though is when you look at it from the perspective of what working at a job for those hours would have made. At minimum wage of $7.25 those characters add up to $81,569 in lost wages to replace. At my current job's pay rate, the total is over $200,000. And that's not taking into account the incalculable cost of leaving 8 years of friends in my guild. So no, starting over from scratch and rebuilding what I've invested in the game is NOT free. Stop parroting nonsense at justifiably upset people who have had their game experience severely diminished by this change. They have a right to be angry and voice their displeasure, even if Blizzard has decided to side with the waste of humanity now.
While I have little to no sympathy towards people who roll on PvP servers, this suggestion is one that actually warrants an *entirely* different response. Namely intervention. If *existing players* are so disruptive to the game experience that other paying customers log out to avoid them as the only solution there is a problem that needs to be solved. Believe it or not, that actually hurts sales and badly...and sales are a number that every business pays attention to.

So don't *ever* make that kind of a suggestion.

Don't play on a PvP server. Transfer OFF the PvP server. Yes. Whatever. But "Stop playing" is not and should never be dropped as an answer or solution.

Im not sure if you took log out for 30mins as 'log out and never come back' but i use it in this term as a refresher. If the ganking is that bad, chill out its a game. It shouldn't get you frustrated. Log out for 30mins to refresh, reset instead of letting that anger or frustration build and build which then results in forum posts like this.

Also i did suggest earlier that you could just log off from that toon and play another for 30mins, that doesn't hurt sales. And again i never said log out was the 'only solution'. I have given at least 3 other solutions that can work and honestly have worked for me and still do.
12/13/2012 04:27 PMPosted by Hacpe
Let me explain it to you. Town NPCs are not 90. The players are 90. The players will own the NPCS then own you. Does that make sense?

Yes that does make sense, but no where did i mention guards? Does that make sense?

I use towns as covers, buildings to hide in, ways to escape those chasing me.
12/13/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Strifé
Are you saying these aren't valid responses?

not when some people have 5+ characters that would need to be transferred. unless you are offering to pay for it? because that would be very nice of you mr. paladin and ask all your other ganking friends if they will pay the transfer fees for anyone who wants off PvP servers.
That glorious feeling when you go out to do your dailies and not once are you attacked by the opposing faction, because you're playing on a PvE server and have the option of choosing when to flag yourself for world combat.

muh feels, people of general forums, muh feels
12/13/2012 04:51 PMPosted by Strifé
They knew what pvp server meant when they joined.
Your argument is flawed because many people(like myself) rolled a PvP server because our group of friends played on that server not because it was a PvP, PvE, Rp, Or RpPvP server. Also I am on a low-medium pop realm so when you say I signed up for this I did not, I signed up for zones that had a few other people levelling, maybe someone of a higher level farming mats, and very very rarely someone who comes along wanting to kill me. CRZ changed that completely now all wherever I go it feels like I am on a High-full pop server which is not what I rolled on.

There is nothing you can say that will change my correctness for I am right and you are wrong. Cower in fear Paladin from my awe inspiring Huntery Powah!!
This is just starting to sound like people who hate CRZ all over again, but instead of bashing on CRZ because everyone has realised it's here to stay, everyone is just venting frustrations on gankers, which remember have been here since DAY 1. Why don't people just adapt to the changes, or server transfer? because honestly these are your'e only 2 options.

And before people say another option is quiting, just think of this. If leaving you're guildys, you're duties, you're time invested and you're characters behind puts you off of re-rolling on another server, then why would'nt those same reasons stop you from quiting.
12/13/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Strifé
thus you were forced to roll there is a flawed argument.
You are misinterpreting what I said. I didn't say I was forced I am stating why I rolled on a PvP server.... Because my friends where on that server. And I got what i wanted back on my low pop realm now I get to be on a low pop realm while in the capital cities and in a high pop realm while levelling which is not at all what I signed on to when I joined both of my PvP servers. God I miss my low pop realm when I could level without seeing anybody, or farm mats without much competition. those where the good old days on laughing skull.
12/13/2012 04:31 PMPosted by Loor
My current 10 characters have a combined total of 468 days 19 hours played. That is 11,251 hours invested in those characters. Some of it was sitting AFK, sure, but it's still a massive chunk of time.

Actually, it is a reasonably free possibility.

Also, don't act like you're the only one who has time invested. I've rerolled, as have many other people.

Oh, and btw...

Your complaint is invalid.
What a coincidence! I got ganked a few times today too. Took most of my lunch hour, actually. You don't know who you are, but if you're reading this: When I get to level cap and grab a few pieces of PvP gear, I'm going to eat your heart. As many times as it'll grow back. ♥

Here's what questing gets you:
-Sub-optimal exp gains

That certainly hasn't been my experience. Questing is the single most efficient way to level under most circumstances.

12/12/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Pahnts
-runs after runs after runs back to your corpse after being ganked by someone of the opposite faction

That can certainly happen. I play on an extremely active PvP realm with a significant opposite faction population, and that still hasn't been my consistent experience. If that's been yours, then I'm sorry that you found it frustrating.

One of the things I quickly realized about playing on a PvP realm is that, unlike a PvE realm, my time really isn't really my own. I'm subject to interference from other players at any time I'm out in the world, and all the resultant consequences of that. Today's experience is a perfect example of that. It's also one of the earliest things I came to accept and expect. I have characters on PvE realms too, and I play there when I just want to play World of Warcraft uninterrupted.

12/12/2012 01:46 PMPosted by Pahnts
-Crappy gear that 15 minutes in an instance can replace.

Better gear does exist in instances, and I like to intersperse the better gear I get from instances, with the superior experience gain and filling in random gear slots from questing.
Its world of $$ .... See everyone gets it confused but I am a firm believer that if subs started to drop because of this issue it be fixed so fast your butts would catch fire. Instead 99.9% of people opt to either deal with it or pay blizzard for a server transfer... So yea the new game should be called World of $$ cant believe people are to blind to see this.
12/13/2012 05:14 PMPosted by Wasabisauce
Daxx confirmed for Darkspear.

Don't go camping innocent levelers on Darkspear for the sake of slaying me.

I'm not there. And no, I won't admit where I am if you guess correctly either.
12/13/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Daxxarri
You don't know who you are, but if you're reading this: When I get to level cap and grab a few pieces of PvP gear, I'm going to eat your heart. As many times as it'll grow back. ♥

Daxx, I have the hugest forum crush on you right now.

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