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Topic title says it all, what is YOUR Pet Team or, if you haven't gotten them together yet, your desired pet team?

Humanoid - Hopling (Janice). What can I say? I like the Hopling!

Dragonkin - Infinite Whelpling (Chronos). My previous pick was Chrominius, but upon finding out I can get an Infinite Whelp? Yeah, sorry Chrominius...

Flying - Crow (Margaret). Crows are some of my favorite birds. Weird, I know, but that's why I figured I'd use one for Pet Battles.

Aquatic - Aqua Strider (Torrent). I got this guy the hard way from Nalash. I'll be damned if I don't end up using him as a result.

Critter - Lucky Quilen Cub (Shelby). Looks just like my old dog. It was a no brainer to include this one on my team.

Elemental - Pandaren Fire Spirit (Bonnesca). FIRE KITTY SPIRIT GO. Yes, there is the Cinder Kitten... but I don't do the Pet Store, heh.

Mechanical - Fluxfire Feline (Tiesel). Robo-kitty. Yep.

Undead - Stitched Pup (Tyranikus). This was a tough one between Mr. Bigglesworth and him. But I figured I have enough kitties on the team, so he made the cut.

Magic - Mini Mindslayer (Iblis). On the fence about this one, as I MAY go to a Minfernal once I get one and see how they compare, as I like them both. Until then, I'll be using him.
Well my team varies all the time, but to follow your example...

Humanoid: Frank(Harbringer of Flame) I guess. This is one family that I haven't played around with much.

Dragonkin: Pixie(Sprite Darter) for sure! One of my first 25s. He always come through for me. My Spawn of Onyxia is a close second though and my Emerald Proto-drake is growing on me fast.

Flying: Ruby(Crimson Moth) was my first 25 and still performs very well for me.

Aquatic: Slim Jim(Strider) kicks butt! I bring him in anytime I fight an elemental.

Critter: Flash(hare) would have to be it. I don't love this family, but when I need a critter I go with him. Rabbit/hares as a whole a pretty nice.

Elemental: This is a hard one for me. Immortal(Phoenix hatchling) was on my first team of 25's with my Moth and Sprite Darter. And he still does very well, but I've found myself using Lil'Rags or my Fel Flame quite a bit more lately.

Mechanical: The only type that I dont have a 25 in yet. Sparky(Lil XT) is my highest level mech at 17 so I guess I'd go with him.

Undead: Blue(Spirit Crab) is awesome. I almost always use him. He has tons of health and hits hard against critters and elementals. Plus has good survivability.

Magic: Star(Arcane Eye) is a fun little glass cannon.

Beast: Arthur(Darkshore Cub) is usually my go to beast. Roar + Rampage is a pretty nice combo and he eats critters for breakfast.
Some teams I'm currently running regularly:

Red Dragonhawk(5), Phoenix Hatchling, Harbinger of Flame
Got tired of having to use 3x rabbits to beat conflag teams, so I made my own. The speed eats up Lil Rag and Fel Flamer teams.

Flayer(5), Chrominius, Fungal Abomination
This has been a good "take all comers" team for me lately. Surprised at how many people won't swap after getting howled and having a stun seed about to hit.

Scourged Whelpling, Fel Flame, Shrine Fly
My DoT squad. Used to run with a Fiendling or Minfernal instead of the Fly, but I like having some flying damage for shielded aquatics, the bane of my DoTs (Sandstorm still makes me cry). Nothing nicer than having plagued blood and 3+ DoTs on an opponent.

Ghostly Skull, Feline Familiar, Magic Broom
Nothing original here, just a themed team that does quite well thanks to upgrade stones.

Crimson Lasher, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
I don't why I added the lasher to bleed + maul combo, but it works pretty well. For those who don't know, if you are bleeding get out of the way of maul, it adds an extra attack while you're bleeding.

Recently hit 1600 PvP wins, the 5000 achieve is sooooo far away >.<
Don't have really have a pet team for PVE. For wild fights I use whatever I'm leveling. For trainers I often use my dark whelpling combined with another pet that's strong in the fight (fast rabbit, eternal strider, azure whelpling, vampiric batling) and whatever pet I want to level.

For PVP, I've played a few teams, retiring them after they hit 25.

First team was clockwork gnome, azure whelpling and fossilized hatchling. It worked fairly well, but probably was weakest team.

Next had faerie dragon, molten hatchling, vampiric batling. Dragon had avoidance and moonfire which boosted its magic dmg. Hatchling got bonus heals from moonfire and was very hard to kill except when against its natural counters (darkness teams, burst hitters, mech). Batling simply does huge dmg with reckless strike and gets extra attacks off because of undead passive.

Next team was darkshore cub, muckbreath and infested bear cub. At low levels Muckbreath used rip and cub and infested used maul for the bonus dmg from bleed effect. Bear could used hibernate for heals against low dmg pets. At higher levels, muckbreath could do dmg with blood in the water, infested kept maul and had darkshore cub with rampage as a heavy hitter. Weak point of team was flyers as they hard countered muckbreath and soft-countered the bear's beast dmg.

Currently leveling fluxfire feline, little black ram and emerald whelpling. Fluxfire is rather OP with stupid levels of burst.
I don't really have a set team, but I switch back and forth depending on what's needed.

My "all rounder" team (which I mainly use for PvE) would be Fluxfire/Harbinger/Purple Puffer. Though I often swap the Puffer for a Strider/Kun-Lai Runt.
I like to use Lil Rag because I ran MC so many times. But he is too slow, so I might not use him in the future.

Favorite fun team is bandicoon, turtle, and rapana whelk... nothing amazing, but it's a fun team to play with though very weak with beasts around.
Bone spider anubisath idol and infinite whelp. Bone spider terrorizes teams if they don't look have a big burst to deal with him

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