I despise CRZ

Moon Guard
I really do

While in flight, I see tons of rares go off on my NPC Scan, all located in Moon Guard. Soon as I land from my flight path, I get phased over into a new server. I go back to where the rares were spawned at, and they're not there


If you're on Moon Guard in old world content, do yourself a favor and fly around and kill every rare you can find. Outland has at least 20 up and walking around aimlessly
CRZ has helped Ironholde and I immensely whilst farming rares. Sure, CRZ can be fickle at times, but overall it's a great feature, especially for RP. (I have friends on WRA and Emerald Dream, so being able to rp with them is great.)
Well sure, for RP and helping friends with quests, it's really nice. But those don't require you to be in specific servers, usually. As long as all of you are on one server -any server- it works.

Hunting rares.... doesn't.Sure, I can hunt rares on whatever server I get shifted too, where everyone else is, but it just grinds my gears when I'm flying around helplessly, my NPCScan going off every five seconds for stuff that i want to kill, but cannot.

But of course, if CRZ were optional, almost noone would use it.
I just -love- going out in the world and being told to "Get the eff out of here and go back to blank shire". Yep, makes me feel warm and fussy inside...

edit: I've only ever meet -ONE- nice person from another realm with CRZ and they weren't an RPer so we had little to talk about. :/

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