What do you think of this computer built!

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I am building a computer what do you think of these specs.

it all costs $706.79 (passed my limit by 6 dollars)
First time building one tell me if I made any mistakes of picking the parts!

1. G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB Ram
2. COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS500-PCARD3-US 500W
3. GeForce GTX 650
4. AMD Motherboard
5. 400GB 7200 RPM hard drive
6. Computer Case
7. DvD Burner
8. AMD FX-6100
9. [b]18.5" Monitor


It's a huge upgrade from my laptop with integrated graphics tell me your thoughts!
FX-6100 is a bad CPU; must get FX-6300 instead.
Ensure motherboard has support for AMD FX Vishera CPUs.

Power supply is poor quality. Must ensure 80 Plus certification or bust.

Since mechanical hard drives have finite lifetime due to moving parts inside, it is strongly recommended not to buy used/refurbished drives.

If you can spend few bucks more, you can get HD 7770, which is noticeably better than GTX 650.

Monitor is poor.

You should consider using BillMeLater, which will allow you to buy more quality parts.

I second Kal's 'Bill Me Later' option if possible for you. Use that option & buy better quality stuff. I especially recommend that you don't skimp out on the PSU or HDD...or a CPU cooler. Stock coolers traditionally suck, tho I haven't had any experience with those stock water coolers that AMD includes with some of their high-end CPUs (I don't think the 6300 would have that tho). Get an FX-6300 & an aftermarket cooler. Cooler Master Hyper 212 is very popular & affordable, tho might be a tight fit in that case. Should be fine since that case doesn't seem to have a side case fan. There's 2 versions, Pro & Evo, but the price/performance difference is negligible. The Evo is the newer revision if that matters (the difference is in how the copper pipes are arranged at the base of the heatsink).

I'll defer to Kal's expertise re. the video card & simply add that lately (& traditionally), Radeons have been a bit better 'bang for the buck' within specific price brackets, especially in the sorts of price ranges you're looking at. Higher end is often a different story, but in your price range I'd recommend investigating Radeon options. But free Assassin's Creed III with the GeForce....mmm....

I'm pretty sure that board would support the Vishera CPU's out of the box. To be fair, it may or may not need a bios update to do so. The first review on the page says they used a 6300 so I'm guessing you'll be fine sticking a 6300 in there. Newegg is pretty good about having newer model revisions (ie. newer BIOSes) with their motherboards, especially more common &/or higher selling ones like that one.

And yeah, that monitor...you can do better than that.
12/13/2012 02:25 AMPosted by Kalganized
Power supply is poor quality. Must ensure 80 Plus certification or bust.

Absolutely. 500W is also a bit slight, especially if you plan on expanding out, e.g., upgrading the video card, or having dual video cards.

I'd also recommend springing for a SSD as your OS drive. They're getting cheaper and cheaper every day. (When I upgraded mine to an SSD last year, I think it was $120 on sale for a 128GB, seeing 128GB drives now around $70). Keep a large mechanical HDD for data storage, but if your primary drive is SSD, you'll be happier.
Alright thanks guys so I decided to get the FX-6300 instead :D picked a new power supply getting a non refurbished hard drive and possibly an ssd in the near future, and i am still deciding if I should just get a monitor on boxing day. I am going to keep the gtx 650 because its a deal right now but the only thing I don't understand is what does a mini hdmi port do and do I need to buy one its only 6 dollars so I don't mind but just want to know if its a must! (don't yell at me lol)
A mini HDMI port is just an HDMI port that's sized in the "mini" form factor.

Do you need to use it? Not especially, that video card does have two DVI-out's you can use instead.
An HDMI cable is far from necessary as a DVI cable will pretty much get you the exact same quality. If you have an HDTV you can use it as a 2nd monitor for watching videos & maybe Steam's Big Picture Mode. A mini-HDMI cable of sufficient length would be handy in that regard.

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