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I am having a really hard time beating this Grand Master. I have attempted him numerous times, using different pet combos, and still lose. The closest I've gotten was getting the 3rd pet down to about 1/4.

The strategy I've had the best luck with so far is to use my fluxfire feline against Pyth, then use a frog against Spring. (Neither pet has enough HP left over after their first battle to make any attacks on the next pet.) I am getting to Clatter with a full hp pet, yet he is still able to out damage my pet (even one with a heal ability).

I am definitely missing something with this trainer. I either need my first two pets to do more damage while at the same time taking less damage, so they can help with a second opponent or I need my third pet to have more survivability (or a combo of both).

Does anyone have any tips/strategies/favorite pets used to defeat this trainers?

Thanks so much. :-)
I only battled him once, but I had no issues with him other than his Dark Phoenix reviving on me. ((I forgot about the ability.))

I'm pretty sure I just muderized him with the Crimson Geode. Elementium Bolt -> Amplify Magic -> Feed Back, Elemntium Bolt hits for 1k from amplify magic. After the phoenix revived and killed the Geode, I had Onxyia do her normal stuff (heal, tail swipe, and lift off.) The beetle took Onxya out, and then my Turtle came out and just headbutted it to death really fast.

Seriously, if the phoenix didn't use dark rebirth I would've had 2/3 pets at the end of the match.
his Moth is only annoying one
youre not alone - this tamer is a mofo. I'm still looking for the perfect 2-pet team in order to level a third lowbie.
flying looks like a better choice against the snake. his dot is strong on mechanical.
Fluxfire Feline + Moth + lowbie should down him just fine. Moth against the beast, have it take out his Moth's health till one of them is dead, bring in the lowbie for xp, finish the team off with the Fluxfire Feline. Or you could have the Fluxfire Feline go first and use almost any other pet as it should easily be able to take out 1 1/2-2 pets.
Don't use an Aquatic pet against his Flying-type pet. Instead, opt for a Dragonkin with Magic-damaging abilities, like Netherwhelp, Lil Tarecgosa, and Nether Faerie. They will take less damage while simultaneously do more against Spring.

Last night, I was able to level my lowbie with Landro's Lil XT (Zap, Heartbreaker, Boombot) and Netherwhelp (Netherblast, Phase Shift, Soulrush). This was my first time doing it, so it may not be a fool-proof way to level a lowbie.
Without changing anything else in your strategy, here's a good way to beat his last pet: use something with high speed (a flyer).

His first ability does awful damage if he doesn't go first. His second ability doesn't hurt much but lowers your speed, and his third one is Apocalypse (which if you can't kill it in 15 turns, there is something extremely wrong).
fluxfire can chew off the moth + scarab.

just find a pet that can solo snake + deal good dmg to moth
Thank you all for your tips. Changing up my pets just a bit and using the fluxfire feline, wild crimson hatchling and a seagull really helped!
Use flying against the turtle, I normally use the Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling.

I get away with using the Kun-Lai Runt and Magical Crawdad against the other two.
The mecha gnome with his rocket ability (not turret) is more than capable of taking out the snake, even if it kills him ultimately. I use mine every day and he works fine.

I use the Celestial Dragon against the moth - she takes less flying damage and has a +dmg to flying pets ability.

Spider with Brittle Webbing takes out the critter with no issues.
I know this is not really available for everyone, but the rocket chicken is amazing for beasts, it has a strong dot, it has lift off which avoids for a round and hits like a truck. Also Rapana whelk is amazing for flying. His weakening dot still applies to caccoon strike, you can also use dive to avoid lift offs or caccoon strikes etc.
I used:

Darkmoon Tonk, Searing Scorchling, and Chrominius.

One shot all his pets.
I was able to defeat him with:
- Darkmoon Glowfly (10)
- Magical Crawdad (25)
- Restless Shadeling (25)

Let "Spring" attack first, then apply both stings. The stings will go through the cocoon. Then swap to Shadeling, use Plagued Blood and Arcane Blast. Finish off with Magical Crawdad.

(If you get frustrated like I do a lot when you get bad RNG, fly over to Tanaris to check for a sandstorm)
I don't know where the earlier poster got the notion from that Obalis has a Dark phoenix.

Obalis has: Clatter - beetle - critter
Spring - moth - flying
Pyth - snake - beast
Against him, I use Emerald Proto-Whelp and Darkmoon Zeppelin, leaving room for a levelling pet on the team. I begin with Zeppelin, resetting until he starts with Pyth, and from there it's easy going.
I shake this guy down in an attempt to get stones pretty much every day. First I chuckle because the "i" in his name kind of looks like an "l" and it's funny EVERY time. Second I get set up so that the snake is the first thing in battle. I use clockwork gnome and I can usually take down the snake and put a bit of a hurting on that moth. When the gnome is dead I swap in my oozling which makes quick work of the moth. I keep the oozling in to dot up the critter and then I swap in whichever pet I'm working on leveling. Other than really low level undead pets, you shouldn't have any issues from this point out.

The only time I have an issue with the strat above is when RNG rains all over my parade, but I don't think there is a comp that is RNG proof.
He is ONLY tamer without fixed pattern (his snake and moth doesn't have fixed pattern, but his scarab does) and hard to 2v3 atm.

But, here is ultimate solution with near-RNG proof 2v3 combo to beat that uldum guy for you fellas :)

Emerald Proto-Whelp (pref breed 4 for higher block + more dmg) + anything that can solo the snake

Basically, Emerald Proto-Whelp is going to kill both moth and scarab. With his Emerald Presence, he takes VERY LITTLE amount of damage from both of them. Both Moth and Scarab deals small damage multi-attacks like Slicing wind and Flank. Since Emerald Presence blocks about 90~ish damage per hit, their attacks are going to be nothing but a mere scratch. It will take some time as he will have to use his 3 turn healing ability to shrug off the damage time to time, but it removes RNG factor by whole lot.

As for snake, if he didn't have counter strike and Vicious Fang, Proto-Whelp can literally solo all 3 of his pets. Unfortunately, he does pack both counter strike and Vicious Fang, and you would have to kill the snake with different pet. (just take out FFF or something)

It would be IDEAL for him to start up with Snake -> Moth -> Scarab.(saves the switching turns) But it really doesn't matter what he starts up with.

If he starts up with Snake, just do supercharge-> wind-up -> wind-up to kill his snake.

On his moth, switch to your exp soaker to soak his moth dust to reduce the potential RNG crisis. (make sure his lvl is high enough to take ATLEAST one dust hit. should b like..lvl 10ish?)

If he uses cocoon strike first, just stay in and soak the dust next turn (if he can)

Once that's done, take out your proto-whelp and proceed to grind it down after setting emerald presence up.

If he starts up with moth, just use that turn to charge up your FFF and switch to your Proto-whelp to kill the moth, switch to FFF on snake, kill the snake with wind-up, than do your magic against FFF. After that, you have two choices. Use FFF to finish the scarab fast or safely grind it down with your proto-whelp. If you want to use FFF to kill this thing you gotta avoid getting hit by hiss.

On scarab, he will ALWAYS use apocalypse -> hiss -> flank spam. If you are trying to kill his scarab with FFF, don't get hit by his hiss. Soak that with your exp soaker than switch back to FFF to finish it up with wind-up -> wind-up
Gilnean raven and soul of the aspects work very well for this fight. If you don't have soul of the aspects you can use a emerald proto-whelp like someone else suggested
i usually go up against him with the following:

Clockwork Gnome
Flayer Youngling
Guardian Cub OR Lil'Tarecgosa

Clockwork gnome takes additional damage from the snake's poison ability, so you have to be quick about getting the _ROCKETS_ (not TURRETS) off. Hopefully none of them miss.

When the moth comes out, if the Clockwork Gnome still has some fight in him, just soak a hit or two and try to do some damage. When it dies, switch to my Guardian Cub or Lil'Tarecgosa. Ideally you want to survive long enough to soak the %chance to put to sleep ability.

Guardian Cub should have Onyx Bite (not slicing winds) in it's 1st ability slot, and pretty much anything Lil' Tarecgosa does other than her Dragon Breath will be Magic.
Guardian Cub has a little advantage because of his speed; he can get turns before the moth does due to the Flying bonus. Just don't be surprised if you die, because the moth still hurts.

When the moth dies, you've basically won, because his last pet (the beetle) isn't that dangerous. It will always use it's 1st turn on Apocalypse, so that just gives you an extra lead, especially if you use something like Rampage on a Power Breed Flayer Youngling.

He's actually easier than Major Payne, because he uses pet types that are common in the wild; as in, you should have counters to him easily.

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