Grand Master Obalis (Uldum)

Pet Battles
FFF takes out the beast which usually comes first easily enough.
Emerald Proto Whelp or Nether Faerie Dragon for the flyer, no contest.
Anything with Rampage, but I suppose humanoids such as Flayer and Kun'Lai Runt are ideal.

It's an easy fight.
I use 2x FFF + the lowbie. If the moth gets lucky on the sleep proc I usually have to reset.
Worked like a charm!

He is ONLY tamer without fixed pattern (his snake and moth doesn't have fixed pattern, but his scarab does) and hard to 2v3 atm.

But, here is ultimate solution with near-RNG proof 2v3 combo to beat that uldum guy for you fellas :)

Emerald Proto-Whelp (pref breed 4 for higher block + more dmg) + anything that can solo the snake

Basically, Emerald Proto-Whelp is going to kill both moth and scarab. With his Emerald Presence, he takes VERY LITTLE amount of damage from both of them. Both Moth and Scarab deals small damage multi-attacks like Slicing wind and Flank. Since Emerald Presence blocks about 90~ish damage per hit, their attacks are going to be nothing but a mere scratch. It will take some time as he will have to use his 3 turn healing ability to shrug off the damage time to time, but it removes RNG factor by whole lot.

As for snake, if he didn't have counter strike and Vicious Fang, Proto-Whelp can literally solo all 3 of his pets. Unfortunately, he does pack both counter strike and Vicious Fang, and you would have to kill the snake with different pet. (just take out FFF or something)

It would be IDEAL for him to start up with Snake -> Moth -> Scarab.(saves the switching turns) But it really doesn't matter what he starts up with.

If he starts up with Snake, just do supercharge-> wind-up -> wind-up to kill his snake.

On his moth, switch to your exp soaker to soak his moth dust to reduce the potential RNG crisis. (make sure his lvl is high enough to take ATLEAST one dust hit. should b like..lvl 10ish?)

If he uses cocoon strike first, just stay in and soak the dust next turn (if he can)

Once that's done, take out your proto-whelp and proceed to grind it down after setting emerald presence up.

If he starts up with moth, just use that turn to charge up your FFF and switch to your Proto-whelp to kill the moth, switch to FFF on snake, kill the snake with wind-up, than do your magic against FFF. After that, you have two choices. Use FFF to finish the scarab fast or safely grind it down with your proto-whelp. If you want to use FFF to kill this thing you gotta avoid getting hit by hiss.

On scarab, he will ALWAYS use apocalypse -> hiss -> flank spam. If you are trying to kill his scarab with FFF, don't get hit by his hiss. Soak that with your exp soaker than switch back to FFF to finish it up with wind-up -> wind-up
i use phoenix hatchling rare and 2 ghostly skull rare an it was done the 1 time lol nice
I use darkmoon tonk, celestial dragon an leveling pet. This comp works very well, Tonk eats up snake, Celestial dragon eats moth an scarab.
I use emerald proto whelp and FFF + lowbie.
I haven't had tooth trouble with him, but he is a tough one. I use my clockwork gnome on the snake (he has a self repair btw that helps tons). I use my mana wormling on the flyer or a ooze pet. For the beetle I often just put my emerald proto in to clean up the mess. He's tough to kill.
Emerald Proto-Whelp (pref breed 4 for higher block + more dmg)

Yep. If you don't have one of these, go camp until you get one. They make pandaria tamers sooooo much easier. Using FFF and this guy, you can 2v3 most of the tamers in the game.
Fluxfire Feline - Abilites: Claw, Wind-up, Supercharge
Onyxia Whelpling - Abilities: Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, Lift-off
Rapana Snail - Abilities: Absorb, Shell Shield, Dive

An important key to battling is making sure you start off with your starter pet being stronger (or at least not weaker) than their starter pet. If this means forfeiting a few times, so be it. Spring's (moth) attacks will be weak to Onyxia Whelpling, and Fluxfire Feline's "Wind-up" will be strong vs Pyth (snake.)

Always start your Fluxfire Feline off with Supercharge, and then blow it on "Wind-up" If it doesn't miss, it will one shot that blasted snake!

Be sure that when you use Onyxia's "Lift-off" that Spring doesn't use his "Cocoon-Strike" at the same time. This will result in "Lift-off" missing.

Chances are you won't have to use the snail. =P I never do.
My current Obalis lineup is a Flayer Youngling (the S/S type), and an Anubisath Idol with Sandstorm/Stoneskin.

So far RNG has been rather friendly, so I'm not sure if there are any 'holes' in the team, but as of yet, I haven't really had to pay any mind to whether the moth or snake has gone first, and I can typically just swap my lowbie pet in on the scarab when it shows up because 9.9/10 it drops Apoc first move.
Heres a safe trick to kill him:

1x doesnt matter to level up
1x Breed 4 Emerald Proto Whelp
1x Magical Crawdad

make sure spring is first pet. Attack it once with the doesnt matter pet.
Then switch to the proto whelp. Rape the moth.. make sure before you do the killing blow to heal up.
The proto whelp can now kill Pyth or at least get him down to 200-300 hp. Switch in the Crawdad.
Crawdad with snap kills the bug rather easy while having great heals with Wish and Renewing Mist

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