hi ex-wow hater XD

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hello im new to wow to tell you the truth i was one of the people who said that wow sucks but boy was i wrong a couple of weeks ago my cousin let me try it i play cataclyms for 3 days and i fell in love with the game cant wait till friday to get mop XD.

So i decided to start out as a pandaren brewmaster monk if anyone could give me a few tips or link me to a guide since right now im on my research phase and dont want to messed up my toon

thx in advance for your help
12/12/2012 04:59 PMPosted by Spyjack
right now im on my research phase and dont want to messed up my toon

There's absolutely nothing you can do in this game that will permanently harm your character other than deleting it (and even then, under certain circumstances, you might be able to get it back). Some mistakes are more easily recovered from than others, but ALL are recoverable.

So don't be afraid to jump in with both feet. Hit all the buttons and menu options, see what they do. Don't be afraid to discover things about the game just through playing it. You'll make mistakes (we all did when we first started, and many still do). This forum is here for you when you need some guidance to get back on track and to help you understand what happened and why.
Welcome to the game~

Well, when I first learned of WoW I told myself I'd never get into a game like that. But my boyfriend talked about it all the time, so I decided to make myself start playing so I could see what was so interesting. Now here I am. xD

Honestly, you can't mess up your character. Any talents or specializations or gearing... all of that can be fixed later if you find you change your mind or didn't like something after all. The best way to learn is to just jump in, try it for yourself, explore everything you can. Then if you still have questions, you can read a guide or ask others for help!

If you want to read over some basic stuff, here's a good place to start: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/

I wouldn't recommend overloading yourself with info by trying to understand everything about a class before you even actually play it. ;)

The only things I suppose you can't change about your character once you create it (at least without paying money for a re-customization) are some of the appearance features (gender, face, and usually skin color). But everything else (hair, tattoos, horns, earrings, etc.) can be changed in-game at a barber shop. :3 And of course you can always create new characters to try out different classes and races if you want. You can have up to 11 characters per server, and 50 characters total on your account.

Hope you enjoy your time in the game~
12/12/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Cerylia
The only things I suppose you can't change about your character once you create it (at least without paying money for a re-customization) are some of the appearance features

Also class can not be changed ever, and race can be changed for a fee.
In addition to the excellent advice already given, your specific class forum is a good place to start looking for tips and tricks ONCE YOU START PLAYING THAT CLASS so you get a better idea of what's what. (Don't confuse yourself by going there before you know what your class can do even at the most basic levels first-hand.) Ask some of the veterans (as veteran as you can be on Monk at this point) of the class for help. Most forum regulars in class specific forums are helpful to people asking legitimate questions.

Monk forums can be found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/7379141/
Welcome to Azeroth /wave

For non-Blizz links, Wowhead.com and Wowpedia.org are two resources you'll want to bookmark, and you'll probably find yourself looking things up at Wowhead quite often.

Icy-veins.com and Noxxic.com can provide information on classes, with IV being more in-depth than Noxxic.

Wow.joystiq.com is another good site for lots and lots of various information.

And a bit of advice: after you've chosen a faciton and met with the leader, you can check the Hero's Call board (for Alliance), or Warchief's Command board (for Horde) to find out where to quest while you're leveling. They're found near the banks and Auction Houses (AH) in all of the capital cities, and in the Horde capital of Orgrimmar there's one right by the entrance to the building where you'll speak with Garrosh Hellscream.
hey thx for the replies i will follow your advice i will experience my class as i did in another game that i suck at the begining and 1 month later i reach the top tier in pvp XD but wll thx for everything
Jump in, have fun. I too had an aversion to this game; first saw it when I'd slept on a friend's couch, and that morning he was playing WoW. Watched for a while. Seemed like the most boring way to waste time ever. Seven years later I've put in a preschooler's lfetime of /played time.

There are resources galore out there, from item databases, video guides for raids, in-depth theorycrafting sites dedicated to a specific class. My go-to sites are wowhead, elitistjerks, tentonhammer, and a couple blogs I hit every once in a while.

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