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If this isn't a bug, it really should be.

I was bidding on the Blood-Soaked Invitation for Brawlers Guild and ended up in a bid-war with another player. Each time I bid additional money, it took that total out of my gold. It doesn't make sense to operate that way.

Let me show an example.

If I bid 1000g on something, it would remove 1000g from my bag. Fine.

Now, someone outbid me by bidding 1010g on the item.

Let's say I want to outbid them by another 10g to take the item bid up to 1020g.

Instead of taking an extra 20 g out of my bag (raising my original bid from 1000g to 1020g), it instead takes an additional 1020g out of my bag. Meaning now I'm down 2020g total. And no - the item in the AH doesn't suddenly jump up to 2020g, too. It's still showing only 1020g as the top bid.

This is really messed up and doesn't make any sense at all.

I do hope this is a bug and it gets fixed. I'm waiting to see if I'm going to get all of my gold back or not, now. Naturally I lost the bid war because it kept taking out huge increments of gold from my bag instead of the common-sense increments.

Please advise. If this is how it's always worked... well.. good to know... because I'll have to make sure I have WAY more gold on me when I go to try and get the Brawler's Guild invitation.

Thank you for looking into this.
Umm.. that is how it always worked, because the original bid is now sitting in your mailbox.
Try checking your mail instead. Naturally when youre doing bid wars, when you get outbid your gold you bid goes to your mailbox, not back in your inventory or any denomination added on top of your last bid.
Thank you guys - I didn't realize it was depositing original bids in the mail. I thought it was holding it all until the item(s) I'd bid on were finished in the AH.
FYI, if you out-bid yourself (such as bid, and then go to buy out [non-BMAH, obviously]), I am pretty sure it only takes the difference. But I haven't tested that in an expansion or three. :P
If you want to reclaim gold instantly during a bid war (say you don't have enough cash on hand for all the times you bid on it), try bidding via the mobile auction house instead. That way you'll instantly reclaim the gold from the previous bid when you rebid on the same copy of the item.

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