Brewmaster tanking dodge vs. parry

hello everyone, i was curious on opinions of other brewmasters as to which stat seems to do our class more justice on the raid tanking front. i'm a fairly geared monk tank and personally right now i go for dodge simply due to the fact that every time i so much as take a hit i seem to lose quite a bit of health or in some cases such as wind lord mel'jarak even get one-shotted. is there something i'm doing wrong? i'm using my expel harm and purifying brew abilities to great effect as part of my rotation but i just figured i must be doing sumtîngwong... heh see what i did there? anyways please help me out here guys. and thanks again
hit to 7.5

exp to 15% then haste or crit. depending on your game play.

I like crit, helps me with EB procs

reforging to dodge or parry this early in the game would be ill advised.
Well, let's see.

Parry has higher priority than dodge, but that doesn't change the fact that neither has high priority at all in a monk build that wants to maximise evasion.

Monks are primarily control tanks, which means like DKs they get the most upside from their active abilities. Without looking at logs I couldn't tell you what is going on but just remember that your abilities are served well mitigating spikes, rather than outright preventing overall damage. This is why purifying constantly isn't a good gameplan.

The idea is to understand and predict spikes, and save your various cooldowns for those instances.

Your best stat as an evasion tank will be agility. This is because it gives you so much more than dodge itself does. You get %dodge just by having it, then you get %dodge from the extra crits. Further, you get bigger shields, GotO procs, and all manner of other goodies for it.

After this (and the hit/exp) you should focus on haste and crit. Haste is going to be your chi generation ability. Generating chi has a higher ability to stop damage than a small amount of dodge or parry% and you need to ensure this is not neglected.

Crit, on the other hand, is straight up better than dodge. Rather than flatly increasing your dodge%, it increases the stacks you gain on Elusive Brew, which is a much higher gain of attacks dodged over the course of a fight. The advantage with EB is YOU choose when those extra dodges happen, and that will save your life.

Remember tho that the biggest part of your survivability comes from your awareness of the encounter, and your ability to predict and manage spikes. These are skills, and no amount of dodge or parry on your gear can help you as much as simply learning the ebb and flow of the class, and taking advantage of its tools.
As mentioned above, you want hit at 7.5% and Expertise at 15% after that I'd suggest getting your energy regen between 13-14 which means more haste. After you get your energy regen to a nice spot you'll want crit.

I would recommend regemming since you don't want to be gemming with Dodge/Parry/Mastery.

So regemming and enchanting to those stats will help. Also, level your professions, it helps.
I think going for 15% expertise this early in mop isnt worth it. Putting those stats into haste/crit should give you better results. Im brew off spec and to be honestly tanking normal 10man hof or msv is completely doable and i dont feel squishy at all. Just timing your cooldowns correctly. All i do is change specs and flask agi or stam depending on my healers. If i feel that my healers wont let me drop on any spike damage ill do agi. If i feel that my healers may let me drop low ill go with that extra health so i have room to spam harm expel and chi wave toheal back up.
As above users mentioned you should go for haste/crit/exp after your hit cap and first exp cap. I prefer haste and exp over crit. Its about finding a good balance of chi gen and elusive brew stacks for you. The concept of our mastery is good unfortunately the stat scaling is the pits. You should reforge out of all mastery as piority. and never gem for it over haste. As comparison, we have the same ilvl, but reforging/gemming parry and dodge gave you about 2.5% base avoidance more. I will in the end overcome that by being able to generate more elusive brew stacks.

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