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Hello again. Lately alot of people have been telling me fury spec is bad and i want to know if its that horrible. The reason i chose fury in the first place is because i liked the fact that they can duel wield (no im not going to switch to rogue even though they have higher dps (i like wearing heavy armor :D)) but i dont want a horrible spec for my toon

One more thing i am more worried about pve than pvp because i really suck at pvp (and i dont care either, i just want to kill a level 30 mob and brag about it Lol (or maybe solo a 20 elite))
I can tell one definitive thing about fury: It (to me) feels to be extremely extremely gear dependent. If you look at my armory, my dps spec is fury right now, but it only recently became so. I wouldn't do it unless you have 2 fairly up to date weapons. But, please don't take this as a suggestion that you buy out of the AH frequently, because you shouldn't. If you like Fury more, then play it, it'll make the game more fun.

I was fury spec through leveling, because it seemed to be fairly competitive in leveling dungeons, but by the time I had hit 80-ish, I was getting outclassed at every corner. I had swapped to arms to get to 90, and stayed with arms until I had 2 decent weapons. Now, I'm back to fury, and I love it.

I'm mainly a tank (hence a few pieces of tanking gear on me in fury) but I'm having a lot of fun doing the fury dps, because it's just awesome holding 2 gigantic weapons ^-^

Note: all this is coming from someone who's main was a rogue through Cataclysm, and I can tell you, warriors are more fun. I love seeing that my dps is mostly buttons I push, and controlled by me. 50-60%+ of rogue dps seems to always be auto attacks, which isn't fun to me.
At level 90 in PvE, Arms generally does better DPS than Fury until you get the gear to have 20% or more Crit. Even then, the margin is not that wide; it's a concern for cutting edge raiders, but player skill will make up any difference in most other cases. It's entirely possible this is could flop back and forth as the MoP patch cycle goes on.

At level 90 in PvP, Arms can generally afford to spend more time in Defensive Stance, and had, at least until yesterday, potential for much higher burst damage.

At level 20, I doubt many people really know whether one is better or not. But "sucks at level cap" (read: does slightly less DPS) is often misinterpreted as just "sucks" (read: does slightly less DPS).

You should also consider whether the people talking about it are up to date with the current state of the game. During Cataclysm (or at least the last few patches, which lasted a long time), Arms was significantly ahead of Fury in both PvE and PvP, much more than now. Many of warrior's best PvP tools used to be only available to Arms, but they're largely available as talents or glyphs now. A lot of people don't put two and two together on the idea of huge, sweeping class and balance changes having an impact on the classes/specs they don't play.

There's also the matter of Fury being ostensibly more dependent on Hit while leveling, which is a stat that's hard to come by at lower levels. At high levels, this is nowhere near the issue it was in Cataclysm; Hit is actually one of Fury's worst stats once it's capped for your main hand now, while it used to be one of the best until both hands were capped (which takes a ton of hit). How well that translates to lower levels... no idea.

And, overall, just remember that complaints on forums are always blown wildly, massively, unbelievably out of proportion. Forum exaggeration is the very worst of all possible human traits. Every time. Forever. No matter what.
The people that say "Fury sucks at level cap" are usually complaining about a 2% or less difference in a simulator. It's going to make a difference in the top 1% of players, the ones competing for the highest arena/rated BG ranking and the ones competing for world first achievements for heroic raid bosses. Such players have perfected their playstyle so much that a 2% difference can make or break an encounter.

For everyone else, who don't play 100% perfectly every time, a 2% difference isn't going to be noticed by anyone.
fury went from being the best spec in cata(20-24 pvp bracket) to being completely unplayable in MoP due to resilience and damage nerfs.

go protection...almost the only somewhat playable spec for a lvl 20 warrior now
Thank you all.

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