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Hey guys, a friend of mine and I have decided to level a toon together, the only problem is that we both alrdy have a wow account for a long time and was wondering if we can do recruit a friend on an already existant account or have any xp benefits at all apart from 1-80s?
One of you will need to refer the other using an existing account, creating a new aacount for one. That way, one player will have their leveled characters on their main account, while the other will have a secondary account. For the other player to get the same level 80 characters on their main account, he would refer the other player, and the leveling process would start again.
Then you will need to re-purchase the game and have 2 subscriptions... lol
You can't "refer/recruit" an existing account, even trial WoW accounts are too late to be recruited. But like the others have said, one of you could send a RaF invite to the other, use the RaF code to make a second WoW account, and then you'll be able to level new characters and get the xp boost and level granting capabilities.
Hey, Monsterious: If you had actually bothered to READ the OP's post you would have seen that he already has a RaF partner.

Also, STOP RECRUITING IN THIS FORUM. It's not allowed here and you've been told as much in the recruiting thread you started. Repeatedly going against the rules as laid out by the moderators will do nothing but earn you a forum vacation, just fair warning.

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