Starting MoP quests?

So I've just hit level 85 on my hunter and I was expecting to start a quest line for MoP but nothing has come up and there isn't anything on the message boards in Orgrimmar so I was wondering if anyone could please tell me how to start the quest line for Pandaria cause I want to hit 90 :3
Hey man recently back and way it worked for me was when I logged on in stormwind I had a quest in my log to go to the castle check to see if you have something similar for the war hall or whatever you hordes have. Good Luck man.
Like Dalamarus said, you should receive a quest upon entering or logging into Orgrimmar that sends you to Garrosh's room in the Valley of Strength.

You'll need to have purchased Mists to explore the new zones, too. If you haven't yet, you won't be able to receive those quests.
I just got a free 7 days to come back and see what MoP is all about. after 2 days, I still can't see why it's worth coming back to. Anyone got some insight?
I accidentally deleted this quest and now I cant find it, anyone know how to get it again?
Try leaving Stormwind and then flying back in. It might re-appear.
And if not, try just going to the Keep, it's possible the auto-cutscene will trigger anyway.
and what if the cutscene doesn't start?
i've had a ticket open for almost 24 hours.
tried relogging in org/leaving a coming back/going straight to grom/using '/reload'/ i've got nothing
Same issue here. How do I start the quest again?
I still can't get to the Pandarian quest line
Same here been tryin I lost it after I logged out after the cut scene and the quest is gone now and I can't find it anywerej
I'm also having the same problem. I can't find anywhere to start mist of pandaria quests. I've been trying for over an hour. I've looked at every forum post that came up on Google and I can't find an answer.
Hello guys im not sure on the Ally side but on the horde side the quest is called ( All Aboard! ) you can get this quest from General Nazgrim in Orgrimmar just walk into the main building called Grommash Hold and he will be to the right in red armor hes an Orc.
I abandoned the quest and found again it on the Hero's Call Board. Hope this helps.
Boosted 90, trying to open up portal to Panda, please help
08/15/2015 05:19 PMPosted by Sçarlëtt
Boosted 90, trying to open up portal to Panda, please help

Take the portal in Org to Pandaria.

You'll go to the Jade Forest.

Once there, run down the hill and run around till you see an exclamation mark.

It's General Nazgrim and the manual start to Pandaria.
Talk to General Nazgrim in Orgrimmar, take the quest All Aboard and flight to the west on the flying boat in the sea... complete de quest and VOILA youre in pandaria.

Parle au General Nazgrim dans Orgrimmar dans Vallée of Strengh. Prend la quest All Aboard et envole toi a l'ouest tu trouvera un bateau dans le ciel au dessus de l'océan. Complete la quest et te voila en Pandarie.
Ok general nazgrim but how about alliance?
That doesn't help when portal to the Jade Forest isn't visible to take.
The MoP intro should start when you enter the Stormwind throne room or the Warchief's throne.. hut for the first time after reaching 85.

If it does not, you will likely have to manually go where you would be sent to by the auto-quest.

For Alliance, it is to Rell Nightwind at the fountain at the entrance to SW keep, who will give you The Mission.

For Horde, it is to General Nazgrim in Grommash Hold (the Warchief's Hut) who will give you The Art of War or All Aboard.

If neither of them have anything for you, then next thing to try is to go to where those quests send you (which is each faction's respective airship).

For Alliance, it flies back and forth above Stormwind Harbor. It is up quite high. Go on board and find Sky Admiral Rogers who will hopefully offer you Unleash Hell.

For Horde, it flies around above Baradin Bay, the port out in north east Durotar where you also would go to start the Vashj'ir chain or where new Goblins arrive. Again, it is up very high. Go on board and find General Nazgrim who will hopefully offer you Into the Mists.

Those two quests each trigger the Pandaria cutscenes and drop you at the respective start areas in Jade Forest.

If none of this is available for you something more complicated is going on. Either you did some of them earlier and left off somewhere, or maybe you faction changed (I have not done that so don't have experience with it to relate).

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