Glyph of Jab

Not sure why this keeps happening to me........besides using something that changes my form ect but this glyph keeps breaking on me. Blizz PLEASE fix this!

To be clear it seems as if I am spanking mobs with my staff all the time even though this glyph is active. Only work around is to lose it then re-apply it. And yes I am tired of spending the time doing that when it should work ALL the time.
I guess I am alone in this
I've found that simply un-equipping and re-equipping my weapon fixes any such problems.

To be sure, are you seeing the "punch" version of the spell when glyphed but getting the staff animation anyway, or is it still the "staff" version after glyphing it?
Thank you for your response Suzushiirou. I will try just unequip and reequip but it still stands this shouldn't be an issue all together and needs to be fixed.

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