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Titans Grip: Allows you to duel wield a pair of 2 handed weapons

My question is can i equip a one hand and a two hand at the same time?

I know im not high enough level for it but just curious

Question 2: How long does whirlwind last? is it lasts until cancel effect or is it a single blow like thunder strike?

#3: How far does that talent skill thing where it stuns for 4 sec. travel?

does duel wielding double parry chance since you have 2 weapons?

12/13/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Rubberchops
My question is can i equip a one hand and a two hand at the same time?

Yes, titan's grip allows you to equip a 2-hander in each hand, but it doesn't take away your ability to equip one-handed weapons, you'd just get better results with that ability if you equipped 2-two handers. Two handers do inherently more damage than one-handers because most classes can't use 2 2-handers at once, so a single two-hander has to be comparable to two one-handers of a similar iLevel. So two two-handers is similarly comparable to four one-handers when it comes to auto-attack damage (abilities normalize their damage so that your overall DPS is approximately on-par with everyone else).
1. Yes, you can, but you shouldn't. Single-Minded Fury gives you a damage bonus when you have two 1-handed weapons, which makes up for the difference in raw damage between 2x1h and 2x2h. SMF doesn't apply with only 1x1h, so it's a sizeable loss in damage.

2. It's a single blow.

3. Stormbolt? 30 yards. Shockwave? 10 yards.

4. I honestly don't know. Easy enough to check, though. Equip an Agi or Int weapon (so you don't get the parry from Str), check your parry, unequip it and check again.
Thank you Avanna

And Ratatoskr i was talking about shockwave thanks

One last question whats the cooldown for whirlwind?
You can see this on your skill list. Whirlwind doesn't have a cooldown.
Whirlwind doesn't have a cooldown. Its use is limited by the 30 rage it costs.

Thanks for all the information : ).

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