Oh Deb.... Deb Deb Deb....

So after our Heroic Will kill, the raiders in Empire got together and did some fun shots to put before the video.... I thought I would share them with you.

Please pay special attention to the first 2 minutes, when the raider introductions are being made. A lot of them are inside jokes, or mean nothing at all, but I do believe that Deb's will bring tears of laughter to every eye.


I look forward to seeing Deb's response in 3 days when his forum ban is over. That is all :)
Nice job on the video :)
Hey thanks friend!
you may want to hire Arteska to make your next video for you. This one was.....lacking.
Best Empire moment ever?

Yep... best Empire moment ever:


Sorry new friends.

This server needs more guilds like this, like you used to be.

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