Winter Solstice Celebration - Event for ALL!

Moon Guard
The trolless rose, for once not on the muddy, bloody floor of the Brawl’gar arena, but in the barrens, having wandered outside that night after hearing a noise, a whisper on the wind. Her mind replayed the events she’d witnessed, unable to discern if it was a dream, or reality. Her link to the spirits had always been lesser than most trolls; growing in the fighting pits did that to you. Yet, as she rose, her mind flashed images, of spirits old and yet to be, spirits of the elements, those of nature.

The noise woke her with a start, a whisper floated into the massive bear’s ears. Growling in discomfort as she roused; albeit slowly. She’d inhale, the bear’s nostrils filling with a specific scent of the winter, the cold biting air irritating her nose as she snorted and exited the makeshift hut she’d stumbled on. What she saw was something shocking, something she’d never –ever- prepared herself for. Outside in the Barrens was snow, a thick blanket of it coated the ground, crunching under every pawstep.

It was times like this she did feel blessed for her ice-troll heritage, it made her more resilient to these temperatures. The whisper sounded again, calling her name, ushering her forth like a mother calling to her child. Her ears went back, a pang of fear coursing through her veins as she made another tentative step forward, and then another. Silvery eyes couldn’t see the world around her in the physical, she saw the spiritual, the temperatures, in ranges of colors and hues unable to be described in words.

Continuing forth, her body seemed to move of its own accord despite the increasing fear in her mind. The wandering lead to a small patch of the barrens, untouched by the snowfall, unmarred by the bizarre weather that she was witnessing. As she stepped within the small ring of dried grass, it erupted violently, brilliant rays of verdant green and gold light wildly twisting and writhing around each other in an exotic, magical dance. It startled the druidess enough that the bear reared up and fell unceremoniously onto her rump.

A throaty laughter filled her ears, one full of a warm mirth that was comforting. A female, a spirit she knew, somewhere from another time; another life. Before her appeared two trolls, a man and a woman. They resembled her sister, and in ways... herself… The bear’s eyes would widen, as the troll was forced from her bear form and into that of her troll form. Before these spirits stood a trolless who’d lived her life in combat, from the trollish fighting rings in Stranglethorn, to the Darkmoon Deathmatches, to now in the Brawl’gar Arena.
A frame muscled well, and toned, however clumsy when not in a druid form. Her silvered eyes saw the energies; saw the way they manifested, a distant familiarity with them resonated deep within her. She walked forth quietly, assessing the energies as she approached, only to feel the warmest embrace she’d ever experienced. Only to feel a sort of peace she’d longed for; spent years trying to find. Within her mind the male spoke, a soft laugh in his voice,

“You’ve grown much since I last set eyes on you, back when I took you on that hunt for the mammoth.” The female would chime in, “You haven’t forgotten us have you? You remember how to speak to us if you ever needed such guidance yes?”
She’d shake her head, thoughts of her lack of spiritual attachment almost shaming her. What a lousy excuse for a troll she was if she didn’t even remember how to communicate with the Loa, the spirits of her family and the earth itself? Had she lost hold of herself in the heat of combat? Perhaps having lost sight of who and what she was spurred this sudden cascade of feelings.

Suddenly, the earth rumbled around them, a searing heat erupted from behind her, in front a powerful gust of wind took hold, and from her right water trickled in, pooling around her ankles. The elements, she’d been told her mother had been a powerful Witchdoctor, and wielder of the elements. One who’d figured out the secrets of communing with them instead of simply commanding them.

From the water below her, verdant green energies channeled from her body, involuntarily, lotus blooms sprouting in the shallow water, a soft smile on the spirit’s faces. “You are a troll, remember this. Your connections to the spirits, your connection to the Loa are what make you powerful. With the blessing of Rhunok, or Har’koa’s boon your enemies will cower in fear of your power. No amount of enemies, no technology can stop you. Cease running; accept it.”

Then nothing.

Everything disappeared and she woke, the midday sun baring down on the barrens, even with the winter weather it was moderately warm here. She needed someone, someone who knew the spirits better than she did.. but perhaps.. Without more than a single mental nod the woman shapeshifted, the bat flying off toward a secluded glade, hidden away from combat and a place of rest, and a place to honor the spirits. Landing, she’d smile at the large Tauren-crafted peace pipe she kept burning in respect to the spirits that may rest here..

“Come one, come all. Honor the Loa, the fallen, the yet to be. Honor the spirits of the elements which balance the world so that life can be sustained. Come in good company, for all are accepted in the name of peace. Listen to legends, stories of triumphs and stories of old. Add your torch to the fire of life that burns within us all, eat, drink and watch as the winter arrives, to help make way for the new life in the spring.”

She’d blink, suddenly the physical and energy based images coming into focus. Her eyes still were silver, yet she could see the world again as the world, and so much more. Beside her, a vision of her Loa, Har’koa sat beside her, the voice a contented rumble. “You do well Child. My eyes are always upon you.”

That day she worked, flying into Ashenvale and picking up the dead branches of trees that had fallen in great storms, or had become too old to sustain themselves. These branches were never cut, never harm the things that provide you with food, shelter and a fun place to hide. She’d fly the branches back, stacking them in a traditional firepit, not stopping until she’d created a fire that figuratively would reach the heavens.

Now, to work on the rest, food, and places to sit, places to see and even a designated area for people to test their skills against one another if they so choose. But more importantly she needed to get into contact with a specific person. Whistling she’d call a windrider to her side, too small to ride, it was ideal for getting documents to the place she needed to. “He may benefit from this as much as I will.” She’d smirk and run a hand through the windrider’s mane, hearing a contented rumble in response.

“Get goin’ Taki, we’ve gotta prepare!”

The wyvern lifted off at great speed, knowing exactly where it was to go. The troll? She descended into the barrens, eyes looking for something specific.. It was time to prepare for the celebration.
The OOC information!

What is going on here?: An event for the people of Azeroth to come together, honor the spirits of those who've passed, and those who've yet to be! To take pride in the elements and spread knowledge of how to keep the balance the world so depends on! To come and listen to legends and stories of lore and triumph!

Basically, a Big freakin' party.

Events Planned: RP everywhere of course! :D Beyond that, I will personally be holding raffles for a Cinder Kitten, Lil' XT, Lil' KT and Moonkin Hatchling pets! :D Beyond that, perhaps through the night the ever famed Santa Paws will come to visit!

One of the big IC events that will be happening is the lighting of the bonfire! Make sure to think of someone special, ICly or even OOCly, and honor them.

Who's Invited: Everyone. As long as you come in peace. If you start any violence you will be driven from the event, likely with an angry bear druid trying to give you a spine-crunching bear hug.

When: The Winter Solstice of course! Likely to be Dec. 22nd!

Contacting me: Feel free to send me an In-game message via whisper on Kiharu, or if I'm not on that character I'm likely leveling my Monk Ituraa :P If you're an alliance buddy who'd like to come to visit, feel free to send me a message via my battletag: Dannie#1741

Hope to see everyone there! n.n
Can't wait, should make for a fun event!
Santa Paws?

Wait, I didnt know I was volunteered to give out more gifts. :P
-hifive to Dusk- The epic Santapaws duo? :P Ima be BEARCLAUS :D
Looking forward to this!
sure. I can be Dusky-Claws again. Its always fun giving out gifts ICly.
:D Giving this a bump!
I think I should definitely go to this. Sounds like it's going to be a blast!
:D I'd love to have you Nicken!
-kicks upwards- Errybody likes to party! C'mon :3
*thread bumpies for an awesome idea!!*

*gets santa hat*
-offers caek and other goodies-
Am I allowed :<
Why not? Duskhowl will be going with his shaman friend. :} You can hang with me, Bjorn. If add to B.tag, can even offer "Duskhowl Translation services."
-bumps upward- All are welcome, as long as you come in peace! :D
as a new resident of moon guard, i must say, this seems like fun!
I hope I get to drag all my Trolls to this thing.
:D Just contact me via Btag! :D I'm gonna start setting the calendar date soon!

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