what should i do for my offspec?

im stuck between gearing for balance or resto. what do you guys think is a combination of more pvp worthy/fun. please support your answers with some valid reasoning. THANKS :D
I'd say go resto if you like to arena, haven't seen any boomkins this expansion due to how squishy they can be. I can see them being viable in RBGs though so if that's your thing then by all means. I'm currently lvling a Rdruid and while its only 64 I'm having a lot of fun with pvp, having that op healing and the kitty burst is amazing.
You can go both! The gear really works for both specs, spirit=hit for boomkin. So you can use the small items with spirit for both specs, ring, neck, cloak, bracers, belt. Just change your main 4 set for the bonus. But you should go Resto to start for a few reasons. As a boomkin, gear can be huge for burst and staying alive. Resto gear is not as important if you know how to heal.. And as Resto you will stay up longer which gives you more HK's which give more Honor so faster gearing. Which is more fun? I say boomkin by a long shot, i hate healing. Nothing worse then healing fail dps! As boomkin i can spread dots hit a starfall, and shoot all my procs on focus target and watch everyone melt!! Vortex and Solar beam the whole team is unreal fun.. And you can still do healing as boomkin. I would try them both out if i was you, its always nice being able to switch at the start of a bg, depending on your groups comp. But all this being said, people seem to hate on boomkins, but almost always a resto druid in rbgs now, so finding groups is easier as a resto, but if you good at it boomkin is unreal fun!

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