WTT or WTS Feldrake mount

Hey guys, I'm looking to trade or sell an extra Feldrake mount that I have. It is the mount from the trading card game, and looks damn cool! I would like to trade it for ALL 4 of the new JC panther mounts OR sell it for a reasonable gold offer. Horde or Ally, I don't care. Hit me up ingame or here! :-) Thanks!

Your friendly #1 Cenarius Mount Collector, Xanthu
WTS Feldrake mount
Feldrake has been sold. I'll post again if I get more in the future. Thanks for all the inquiry's :-)
WTB Feldrake, offering 170k on my server or 2 hippogryph hatchlings and one bananas

battletag Sweetdr0ps#1199

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